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1894 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

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League-by-League Batting

1Western AssociationA80.0
2Connecticut State LeagueB50.0
3New England LeagueB80.0
4New York State LeagueB60.0
5Southern AssociationB827.117514357848778052411511083.278.3786617
6Cuban LeagueForeign
7Arkansas State LeagueNo Classification40.0
8Beaver Valley LeagueNo Classification
9California Players LeagueNo Classification60.0
10Canadian LeagueNo Classification
11Canadian Midland LeagueNo Classification
12Chicago City LeagueNo Classification60.0
13Colorado State LeagueNo Classification
14Eastern LeagueNo Classification828.2
15Interstate LeagueNo Classification
16Merrimac Valley LeagueNo Classification
17Michigan State LeagueNo Classification
18Mississippi State LeagueNo Classification
19Monongahela LeagueNo Classification
20Pennsylvania State LeagueNo Classification1025.5
21Tri-State LeagueNo Classification
22Virginia LeagueNo Classification60.0
23Western LeagueNo Classification827.5
24Western Ontario LeagueNo Classification

League-by-League Pitching

6National LeagueMajor League1225.37.38783783.5005.33159815962971299313713831.1178091179681876295868333360234881.71211.
1Western AssociationA8
2Connecticut State LeagueB5
3New England LeagueB8
4New York State LeagueB6
5Southern AssociationB824.9
7Arkansas State LeagueNo Classification4
8California Players LeagueNo Classification6
9Chicago City LeagueNo Classification6
10Eastern LeagueNo Classification825.9
11Pennsylvania State LeagueNo Classification1023.5
12Virginia LeagueNo Classification6
13Western LeagueNo Classification824.6

League-by-League Fielding

6National LeagueMajor League121598414321976648531298.9274193148184137%2,272,573
1Western AssociationA8
2Connecticut State LeagueB5
3New England LeagueB8
4New York State LeagueB6
5Southern AssociationB8
7Arkansas State LeagueNo Classification4
8California Players LeagueNo Classification6
9Chicago City LeagueNo Classification6
10Eastern LeagueNo Classification8
11Pennsylvania State LeagueNo Classification10
12Virginia LeagueNo Classification6
13Western LeagueNo Classification8

Pro Baseball Map for 1894

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

Western AssociationADes Moines Prohibitionists, Jacksonville Jacks, Lincoln Treeplanters, Omaha Omahogs, Peoria Distillers, Quincy Ravens, Rock Island-Moline Islanders, St. Joseph Saints
Connecticut State LeagueBNew Britain, New Haven Elm Citys, Norwich, Waterbury, Willimantic
New England LeagueBBangor Millionaires, Brockton Shoemakers, Fall River Indians, Haverhill, Lewiston, Pawtucket Maroons, Portland, Worcester
New York State LeagueBAlbany Senators, Amsterdam Carpet Tacks, Johnstown Buckskins, Kingston Patriarchs/Colonels, Pittsfield Colts, Poughkeepsie Bridge Citys
Southern AssociationBAtlanta Atlantas, Charleston Seagulls, Macon Hornets, Memphis Giants, Mobile Bluebirds/Atlanta, Nashville Tigers, New Orleans Pelicans, Savannah Modocs
Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
California Winter LeagueWinter
Arkansas State LeagueNo ClassificationCamden Yellow Hammers/Rainmakers, Hot Springs Bathers, Little Rock Rose Buds, Morrilton Cotton Pickers
Beaver Valley LeagueNo Classification
California Players LeagueNo ClassificationCalifornia of San Francisco, Oakland, Petaluma Poison Oaks, Sacramento Gilt Edges, San Francisco Hot Peanuts, Stockton Hayseeds
Canadian LeagueNo Classification
Canadian Midland LeagueNo Classification
Chicago City LeagueNo ClassificationChicago Brands, Chicago Franklins, Chicago Garden Citys, Chicago Lake Views, Chicago Rivals, Chicago Whitings
Colorado State LeagueNo Classification
Eastern LeagueNo ClassificationBinghamton Bingoes/Allentown Buffaloes, Buffalo Bisons, Erie Blackbirds, Providence Clamdiggers, Springfield Ponies/Maroons, Syracuse Stars, Troy Washerwomen/Scranton Indians, Wilkes-Barre Coal Barons
Interstate LeagueNo Classification
Merrimac Valley LeagueNo Classification
Michigan State LeagueNo Classification
Mississippi State LeagueNo Classification
Monongahela LeagueNo Classification
Pennsylvania State LeagueNo ClassificationAllentown Kelly's Killers/Easton/Ashland, Altoona Mad Turtles, Easton Dutchmen, Harrisburg Senators, Hazleton Barons, Lancaster Chicks, Philadelphia Colts, Pottsville Colts,
Reading Actives, Scranton Indians/Shenandoah Huns
Tri-State LeagueNo Classification
Virginia LeagueNo ClassificationLynchburg Hill Climbers, Norfolk Clam Eaters, Petersburg Farmers, Richmond Crows, Roanoke Magicians, Staunton Hayseeds/Newport News-Hampton Deckhands
Western LeagueNo ClassificationDetroit Creams, Grand Rapids Rippers, Indianapolis Hoosiers, Kansas City Cowboys, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Minnies, Sioux City Cornhuskers, Toledo White Stockings
Western Ontario LeagueNo Classification