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1892 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

Year Index / Affiliations / Map of Teams / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Other Years: 1891 / 1893

League-by-League Batting

12National LeagueMajor League1227.55.1018427061563876938815643200710104177360320161785973.245.317.328.64420921561
1Western LeagueA827.14.27451455192321611314106.221.30945068
2California LeagueB426.25.2270025202365260649134091061606.241.3228113
3Montana State LeagueB60.0
4Nebraska State LeagueB6
5New England LeagueB80.0
6Pacific Northwest LeagueB427.65.90300106131770249851313243929.235.3213404
7Pennsylvania State LeagueB824.8
8Southern AssociationB825.7
9Texas LeagueB625.36.63364127702413325748060401220.255.3113977
10Cuban LeagueForeign
11Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
13Black Hills LeagueNo Classification40.0
14Blue Grass LeagueNo Classification4
15Central California LeagueNo Classification60.0
16Central New Jersey LeagueNo Classification4
17Chicago City LeagueNo Classification827.0
18Eastern LeagueNo Classification1028.5
19Florida State LeagueNo Classification4
20Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification825.9
21Iron And Oil LeagueNo Classification
22Kansas-Missouri LeagueNo Classification
23Michigan State LeagueNo Classification
24Mountain LeagueNo Classification5
25Ohio State LeagueNo Classification
26South Atlantic LeagueNo Classification40.0
27Western AssociationNo Classification
28Wisconsin-Michigan LeagueNo Classification60.0

League-by-League Pitching

10National LeagueMajor League1225.35.10903903.5003.28184218362131623902416106.215643938858784176178597856116031.3558.
1Western LeagueA825.3
2California LeagueB425.8
3Montana State LeagueB6
4Nebraska State LeagueB6
5New England LeagueB8
6Pacific Northwest LeagueB423.0
7Pennsylvania State LeagueB823.2
8Southern AssociationB824.1
9Texas LeagueB621.3
11Black Hills LeagueNo Classification4
12Blue Grass LeagueNo Classification4
13Central California LeagueNo Classification6
14Chicago City LeagueNo Classification8
15Eastern LeagueNo Classification1025.5
16Florida State LeagueNo Classification4
17Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification823.0
18South Atlantic LeagueNo Classification4
19Wisconsin-Michigan LeagueNo Classification6

League-by-League Fielding

10National LeagueMajor League121842482572371255801339.9287473201187637%1,252,806
1Western LeagueA83781124558741181.935
2California LeagueB47001886292862628550.915
3Montana State LeagueB6
4Nebraska State LeagueB6
5New England LeagueB8
6Pacific Northwest LeagueB4300796738941052189.919
7Pennsylvania State LeagueB8
8Southern AssociationB8
9Texas LeagueB6
11Black Hills LeagueNo Classification4
12Blue Grass LeagueNo Classification4
13Central California LeagueNo Classification6
14Chicago City LeagueNo Classification8
15Eastern LeagueNo Classification10
16Florida State LeagueNo Classification4
17Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification8
18South Atlantic LeagueNo Classification4
19Wisconsin-Michigan LeagueNo Classification6

Pro Baseball Map for 1892

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

Western LeagueAColumbus Reds, Indianapolis Hoosiers, Kansas City Cowboys, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Minnies, Omaha Omahogs, St. Paul Saints/Fort Wayne, Toledo Black Pirates
California LeagueBLos Angeles Seraphs, Oakland Colonels, San Francisco Metropolitans, San Jose Dukes
Montana State LeagueBBozeman, Butte, Great Falls Smelter City, Helena, Missoula, Phillipsburg Burgers
Nebraska State LeagueBBeatrice Indians, Fremont, Grand Island Sugar Citys, Hastings, Lincoln Giants/Kearney, Plattsmouth
New England LeagueBBrockton Shoemakers, Lewiston, Lowell Lowells, Manchester Gazettes/Lawrence, Pawtucket, Portland, Salem, Woonsocket
Pacific Northwest LeagueBPortland Webfeet, Seattle Hustlers, Spokane Bunchgrassers, Tacoma Daisies
Pennsylvania State LeagueBAllentown-Bethlehem Colts, Altoona Mountaineers, Danville, Harrisburg Ponies/Scranton Indians, Johnstown Pirates, Lebanon Pretzel Eaters, Reading Actives, Wilkes-Barre Coal Barons/Pittsburgh
Southern AssociationBAtlanta Firecrackers, Birmingham Grays, Chattanooga Chatts, Macon Central City, Memphis Giants, Mobile Blackbirds, Montgomery Lambs, New Orleans Pelicans
Texas LeagueBDallas Hams, Fort Worth Panthers, Galveston Sand Crabs, Houston Mudcats, San Antonio Missionaries, Waco Tigers
Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
Black Hills LeagueNo ClassificationDeadwood Metropolitans, Fort Meade, Hot Springs, Lead City Grays
Blue Grass LeagueNo ClassificationDanville, Harrodsburg, Nicholasville, Samford
Central California LeagueNo ClassificationOakland, Oakland Morans, Piedmont, San Francisco Folgers, San Francisco Haverlys, Vallejo
Central New Jersey LeagueNo ClassificationElizabeth, Plainfield Crescent League, Somerville West Ends, Westfield Athletics
Chicago City LeagueNo ClassificationChicago Brands, Chicago Crystals, Chicago Franklins, Chicago Garden Citys, Chicago Lake Views, Chicago Rivals, Chicago West Ends, Chicago Whitings
Eastern LeagueNo ClassificationAlbany Senators, Binghamton Bingos, Buffalo Bisons, Elmira Gladiators, New Haven Nutmegs, Philadelphia Athletics, Providence Grays, Rochester Flour Cities,
Syracuse/Utica Stars, Troy Trojans
Florida State LeagueNo ClassificationJacksonville, Ocala, St. Augustine, Tampa
Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo ClassificationEvansville Hoosiers, Jacksonville Lunatics, Joliet Convicts/Aurora Indians, Peoria Distillers, Quincy Ravens, Rock Island-Moline Twins, Rockford Hustlers, Terre Haute Hottentots
Iron And Oil LeagueNo Classification
Kansas-Missouri LeagueNo Classification
Michigan State LeagueNo Classification
Mountain LeagueNo ClassificationBellefonte, Clearfield, Houtzdale, Phillipsburg, Tyrone
Ohio State LeagueNo Classification
South Atlantic LeagueNo ClassificationCharleston Sea Gulls, Charlotte Hornets, Columbia Senators, Winston-Salem Blue Sluggers
Western AssociationNo Classification
Wisconsin-Michigan LeagueNo ClassificationGreen Bay Bays, Ishpeming-Negaunee Unions, Marinette Badgers, Marquette, Menominee, Oshkosh Indians