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1890 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

Year Index / Affiliations / Map of Teams / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Other Years: 1889 / 1891

League-by-League Batting

3American AssociationMajor League926.45.62107641252370036042934512585601874344261237464233.253.330.332.66212284503
4National LeagueMajor League826.65.58107841789375876010953813765862574597225937733581.254.329.342.67112857429
5Players LeagueMajor League827.96.881058430163842572781052315617453165763198341822986.274.351.378.72914522409
1Cuban LeagueForeign
2Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
6Atlantic AssociationNo Classification1026.4
7California LeagueNo Classification40.0
8Central Interstate LeagueNo Classification624.9
9Chicago City LeagueNo Classification3
10Colorado State LeagueNo Classification
11Eastern Interstate LeagueNo Classification623.8
12Eastern Iowa LeagueNo Classification
13Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification80.0
14Indiana State LeagueNo Classification8
15International AssociationNo Classification726.6
16Interstate LeagueNo Classification
17Maine State LeagueNo Classification
18Michigan State LeagueNo Classification60.0
19Middle States LeagueNo Classification
20New Brunswick LeagueNo Classification
21New England LeagueNo Classification
22New York State LeagueNo Classification60.0
23New York-Pennsylvania LeagueNo Classification60.0
24Ohio Valley LeagueNo Classification
25Pacific Northwest LeagueNo Classification424.0
26Pennsylvania State AssociationNo Classification
27Rhode Island LeagueNo Classification
28Texas LeagueNo Classification625.6
29Tri-State LeagueNo Classification80.0
30Upper Peninsula LeagueNo Classification6
31Western AssociationNo Classification80.0
32Western New York and Pennsylvania LeagueNo Classification
33Western New York LeagueNo Classification
34Wisconsin State LeagueNo Classification

League-by-League Pitching

1American AssociationMajor League924.55.59525525.5003.861080107611496249179353.09341604240151873746423350745881.3999.
2National LeagueMajor League824.25.58530530.5003.56107810789698254109492.19515601037562573771370742955071.4009.
3Players LeagueMajor League825.36.88525525.5004.231058105812893032219268.2105237278435531641822986409145001.58710.
4Atlantic AssociationNo Classification1024.0
5California LeagueNo Classification4
6Central Interstate LeagueNo Classification624.0
7Eastern Interstate LeagueNo Classification621.5
8Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification8
9Indiana State LeagueNo Classification8
10International AssociationNo Classification723.1
11Michigan State LeagueNo Classification6
12New York State LeagueNo Classification6
13New York-Pennsylvania LeagueNo Classification6
14Pacific Northwest LeagueNo Classification422.4
15Texas LeagueNo Classification624.2
16Tri-State LeagueNo Classification8
17Western AssociationNo Classification8

League-by-League Fielding

1American AssociationMajor League9108028014134913445739.9236112612157438%
2National LeagueMajor League8107828356134773255792.9285212259132137%295,583
3Players LeagueMajor League8105827769138923979841.9134671983116937%
4Atlantic AssociationNo Classification10
5California LeagueNo Classification4
6Central Interstate LeagueNo Classification6
7Eastern Interstate LeagueNo Classification6
8Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification8
9Indiana State LeagueNo Classification8
10International AssociationNo Classification7
11Michigan State LeagueNo Classification6
12New York State LeagueNo Classification6
13New York-Pennsylvania LeagueNo Classification6
14Pacific Northwest LeagueNo Classification4
15Texas LeagueNo Classification6
16Tri-State LeagueNo Classification8
17Western AssociationNo Classification8

Pro Baseball Map for 1890

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
Atlantic AssociationNo ClassificationBaltimore Orioles, Harrisburg Ponies, Hartford, Jersey City Jerseys, Lebanon, New Haven, Newark Little Giants, Washington Senators,
Wilmington Blue Hens, Worcester Grays
California LeagueNo ClassificationOakland Colonels, Sacramento Senators, San Francisco Haverlys, Stockton
Central Interstate LeagueNo ClassificationBurlington Hawkeyes, Evansville Hoosiers, Galesburg/Indianapolis, Peoria Canaries, Quincy Ravens, Terre Haute
Chicago City LeagueNo ClassificationChicago Brands, Chicago Garden Citys, Chicago Rivals
Colorado State LeagueNo Classification
Eastern Interstate LeagueNo ClassificationAllentown/Lancaster, Altoona Mountaineers, Easton, Harrisburg Ponies, Lebanon, York Monarchs
Eastern Iowa LeagueNo Classification
Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo ClassificationAurora, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Joliet, Monmouth, Ottawa, Ottumwa, Sterling/Galesburg/Burlington
Indiana State LeagueNo ClassificationAnderson, Bluffton, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Marion/Logansport, Muncie, Peru
International AssociationNo ClassificationBuffalo Bisons/Montreal, Detroit Wolverines, Grand Rapids Shamrocks, Hamilton Hams/Montreal, London Tecumsehs, Saginaw-Bay City Hyphens, Toronto Canucks
Interstate LeagueNo Classification
Maine State LeagueNo Classification
Michigan State LeagueNo ClassificationFlint Flyers, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Manistee, Muskegon, Port Huron
Middle States LeagueNo Classification
New Brunswick LeagueNo Classification
New England LeagueNo Classification
New York State LeagueNo ClassificationAlbany, Cobleskill, Johnstown-Gloversville, Oneonta, Troy, Utica
New York-Pennsylvania LeagueNo ClassificationBradford, Dunkirk, Erie, Jamestown, Meadville, Olean
Ohio Valley LeagueNo Classification
Pacific Northwest LeagueNo ClassificationPortland, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma
Pennsylvania State AssociationNo Classification
Rhode Island LeagueNo Classification
Texas LeagueNo ClassificationAustin Senators, Dallas Hams, Fort Worth Panthers, Galveston Sand Crabs, Houston Mud Cats, Waco Babies
Tri-State LeagueNo ClassificationAkron Akrons, Canton Nadjys, Dayton Reds, Mansfield, McKeesport, Springfield, Wheeling National Citys/Nailers, Youngstown Giants
Upper Peninsula LeagueNo ClassificationCalumet, Hancock, Houghton, Ishpeming, Marquette, Negaunee
Western AssociationNo ClassificationDenver Grizzlies/Mountaineers, Kansas City Blues, Lincoln Rustlers/Des Moines Prohibitionist, Milwaukee Brewers/Creams, Minneapolis Millers, Omaha Omahogs/Lambs, Sioux City Corn Huskers, St. Paul Apostles
Western New York and Pennsylvania LeagueNo Classification
Western New York LeagueNo Classification
Wisconsin State LeagueNo Classification