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1878 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

Year Index / Affiliations / Map of Teams / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Other Years: 1877 / 1879

League-by-League Batting

2National LeagueMajor League625.15.173681400813644190435394811322313313641081.259.279.319.5984353
1Cuban LeagueForeign
3IndependentNo Classification7
4International AssociationNo Classification130.0
5League AllianceNo Classification
6Pacific LeagueNo Classification40.0

League-by-League Pitching

1National LeagueMajor League621.95.17180180.5002.30368368163522513324.0353719048512336410810236140171.1749.
2International AssociationNo Classification13
3Pacific LeagueNo Classification4

League-by-League Fielding

1National LeagueMajor League6368995549241778233.893443
2International AssociationNo Classification13
3Pacific LeagueNo Classification4

Pro Baseball Map for 1878

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions