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1891 Western Association

1891 > Class No Classification > League History
Overall: 8 teams
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1890 / 1892
League Index / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Map of Teams / Other Years: 1890 / 1892

League Index / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Map of Teams / Other Years: 1890 / 1892

League Standings

This league's standings, if available, are based on full season team pitching records. Leagues may have have split season and postseason results that are not currently available.

League Batting

Omaha Lambs27.940907771104174583096.270.3631484
Kansas City Blues27.6407286812311666846165.302.4101671
Denver Mountaineers28.2426368312081426847136.283.3821627
Minneapolis Millers27.335776649841524070200.275.3991426
Lincoln Rustlers28.134876118691055416106.249.3241130
St. Paul Apostles/Duluth Whalebacks26.835116339081534240143.259.3601265
Sioux City Corn Huskers27.941077291027148732486.250.3391393
Milwaukee Brewers26.734876919851646337176.282.3971386
League Totals27.6305945656831612044663101108.272.37211382

League Pitching

Omaha Lambs24.9
Kansas City Blues24.3
Denver Mountaineers24.1
Minneapolis Millers23.2
Lincoln Rustlers24.8
St. Paul Apostles/Duluth Whalebacks24.3
Sioux City Corn Huskers24.0
Milwaukee Brewers24.1
League Totals24.3

League Fielding

Milwaukee Brewers952510125124245.94043Charlie Cushman
Denver Mountaineers1153086144434197.93080George Tebeau and W. Van Horn
Sioux City Corn Huskers1183175157735792.93070Al Buckenberger
Omaha Lambs11029111549367101.92462Bob Leadley and Dan Shannon
Minneapolis Millers972599133433174.92263W. Harrington and Sam Morton
Lincoln Rustlers952555119032056.92144Dave Rowe
St. Paul Apostles/Duluth Whalebacks992578122032672.92144Bill Watkins
Kansas City Blues1213236155442568.91960n/a
League Totals85022650111192709605.926466