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Year-by-Year Top-Tens Leaders & Records for Base-Out Runs Added (RE24)

+ - Indicates Hall of Famer. Bold indicates active player.

Statistic Description: Base-Out Runs Added Given the bases occupied/out situation, how many runs did the batter or baserunner add in the resulting play. Compared to average, so 0 is average, and above 0 is better than average

This statistic is computed from play-by-play data which is only complete from 1974 to the present. From 1930-1973, the data is incomplete, though for most seasons only less than 20 games per season total are missing. Please see our page on data coverage for a full view of the data used to create these lists.

This table lists the MLB top ten for each season in this category. When possible we have used the leaderboard standards at that time to compute the top ten players for this statistic.