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Single-Season Leaders & Records for Range Factor/9Inn as P

Photo of Ed Walsh+ Photo of Harry Howell Photo of Harry Howell Photo of Nick Altrock Photo of Ed Willett Photo of Carl Mays Photo of Guy Hecker Photo of Harry Howell Photo of Elmer Stricklett Photo of Frank Smith Photo of Elmer Stricklett Photo of Harry Howell Photo of Will White Photo of Nick Altrock Photo of Barney Pelty Photo of Willie Sudhoff Photo of Wish Egan Photo of Nick Altrock Photo of Jean Dubuc Photo of Ed Walsh+

+ - Indicates Hall of Famer. Bold indicates active player.

Statistic Description: Range Factor per 9 Inn 9 * (Putouts + Assists) / Innings Played

Only players who finished in the top 40 for the majors in a season will appear on this list.
Leaders from the current season are only included for rate stats after July 1st.

For batting rate stats, generally a minimum of 3.1 Plate Appearances/G, 1.0 IP/G, 0.67 Gm and Chances/Team Game (fielding), 0.2 SB att/Team Game (catchers), and 0.1 SB att/Team Game (baserunners only since 1951), and 0.1 decision/G for single-season leaderboards generally needed for rate statistics. For pitcher fielding the minimums are reduced by a third. For LF, CF, RF fielding stats, we only have reliable data since 1954, so all leaders are since 1954. Explanation of min. requirements

This statistic is computed from play-by-play data which is only complete from 1974 to the present. From 1930-1973, the data is incomplete, though for most seasons only less than 20 games per season total are missing. Please see our page on data coverage for a full view of the data used to create these lists.

Note that seasons prior to 1876 are not included in single-season marks, but are included in career marks.