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Career Leaders & Records for Double Plays Turned as RF (s.1954)

Photo of Harry Hooper+ Photo of Mel Ott+ Photo of Paul Waner+ Photo of Sam Rice+ Photo of Ross Youngs+ Photo of Jesse Barfield Photo of Curt Walker Photo of Dwight Evans Photo of Larry Walker Photo of Hank Aaron+ Photo of Roberto Clemente+ Photo of Bobby Bonds Photo of Tommy Griffith Photo of Harry Heilmann+ Photo of Chuck Klein+ Photo of Cliff Heathcote Photo of Wally Moses Photo of Rusty Staub Photo of Casey Stengel+ Photo of Vladimir Guerrero

+ - Indicates Hall of Famer. Bold indicates active player.

Statistic Description: Double Plays as Defender

Minimum of 1000 IP, 3000 PA, 500 games (fielding, 500 IP for Ps), 200 stolen base attempts (catchers) or 80 stolen base attempts (baserunners only since 1951) or 100 decisions for career and active leaderboards for rate statistics.

Note that seasons prior to 1876 are not included in single-season marks, but are included in career marks.