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OvPck Tm Name From Team
1 Kansas City Royals Roger Nelson Baltimore Orioles
1 San Diego Padres Ollie Brown San Francisco Giants
2 Seattle Pilots Don Mincher California Angels
2 Montreal Expos Manny Mota Pittsburgh Pirates
3 Seattle Pilots Tommy Harper Cleveland Indians
3 San Diego Padres Dave Giusti St. Louis Cardinals
4 Kansas City Royals Joe Foy Boston Red Sox
4 Montreal Expos Mack Jones Cincinnati Reds
5 Seattle Pilots Ray Oyler Detroit Tigers
5 San Diego Padres Dick Selma New York Mets
6 Kansas City Royals Jim Rooker New York Yankees
6 Montreal Expos John Bateman Houston Astros
7 Seattle Pilots Jerry McNertney Chicago White Sox
7 San Diego Padres Al Santorini Atlanta Braves
8 Kansas City Royals Joe Keough Oakland Athletics
8 Montreal Expos Gary Sutherland Philadelphia Phillies
9 Seattle Pilots Buzz Stephen Minnesota Twins
9 San Diego Padres Jose Arcia Chicago Cubs
10 Kansas City Royals Steve Jones Washington Senators
10 Montreal Expos Jack Billingham Los Angeles Dodgers
11 Seattle Pilots Chico Salmon Cleveland Indians
11 Montreal Expos Donn Clendenon Pittsburgh Pirates
12 Kansas City Royals Jon Warden Detroit Tigers
12 San Diego Padres Clay Kirby St. Louis Cardinals
13 Kansas City Royals Ellie Rodriguez New York Yankees
13 Montreal Expos Jesus Alou San Francisco Giants
14 Seattle Pilots Diego Segui Oakland Athletics
14 San Diego Padres Fred Kendall Cincinnati Reds
15 Kansas City Royals Dave Morehead Boston Red Sox
15 Montreal Expos Mike Wegener Philadelphia Phillies
16 Seattle Pilots Tommy Davis Chicago White Sox
16 San Diego Padres Jerry Morales New York Mets
17 Kansas City Royals Mike Fiore Baltimore Orioles
17 Montreal Expos Skip Guinn Atlanta Braves
18 Seattle Pilots Marty Pattin California Angels
18 San Diego Padres Nate Colbert Houston Astros
19 Kansas City Royals Bob Oliver Minnesota Twins
19 Montreal Expos Bill Stoneman Chicago Cubs
20 Seattle Pilots Gerry Schoen Washington Senators
20 San Diego Padres Zoilo Versalles Los Angeles Dodgers
21 Seattle Pilots Gary Bell Boston Red Sox
21 Montreal Expos Maury Wills Pittsburgh Pirates
22 Kansas City Royals Bill Butler Detroit Tigers
22 San Diego Padres Frank Reberger Chicago Cubs
23 Kansas City Royals Steve Whitaker New York Yankees
23 Montreal Expos Larry Jackson Philadelphia Phillies
24 Seattle Pilots Jack Aker Oakland Athletics
24 San Diego Padres Jerry DaVanon St. Louis Cardinals
25 Kansas City Royals Wally Bunker Baltimore Orioles
25 Montreal Expos Bob Reynolds San Francisco Giants
26 Seattle Pilots Rich Rollins Minnesota Twins
26 San Diego Padres Larry Stahl New York Mets
27 Kansas City Royals Paul Schaal California Angels
27 Montreal Expos Dan McGinn Cincinnati Reds
28 Seattle Pilots Lou Piniella Cleveland Indians
28 San Diego Padres Dick Kelley Atlanta Braves
29 Kansas City Royals Bill Haynes Chicago White Sox
29 Montreal Expos Jose Herrera Houston Astros
30 Seattle Pilots Dick Bates Washington Senators
30 San Diego Padres Al Ferrara Los Angeles Dodgers
31 Kansas City Royals Dick Drago Detroit Tigers
31 San Diego Padres Mike Corkins San Francisco Giants
32 Seattle Pilots Larry Haney Baltimore Orioles
32 Montreal Expos Jimy Williams Cincinnati Reds
33 Seattle Pilots Dick Baney Boston Red Sox
33 San Diego Padres Tom Dukes Houston Astros
34 Kansas City Royals Pat Kelly Minnesota Twins
34 Montreal Expos Remy Hermoso Atlanta Braves
35 Seattle Pilots Steve Hovley California Angels
35 San Diego Padres Rick James Chicago Cubs
36 Kansas City Royals Billy Harris Cleveland Indians
36 Montreal Expos Mudcat Grant Los Angeles Dodgers
37 Seattle Pilots Steve Barber New York Yankees
37 San Diego Padres Tony Gonzalez Philadelphia Phillies
38 Kansas City Royals Don O'Riley Oakland Athletics
38 Montreal Expos Jerry Robertson St. Louis Cardinals
39 Seattle Pilots John Miklos Washington Senators
39 San Diego Padres Dave Roberts Pittsburgh Pirates
40 Kansas City Royals Al Fitzmorris Chicago White Sox
40 Montreal Expos Don Shaw New York Mets
41 Seattle Pilots Wayne Comer Detroit Tigers
41 Montreal Expos Ty Cline San Francisco Giants
42 Kansas City Royals Moe Drabowsky Baltimore Orioles
42 San Diego Padres Ivan Murrell Houston Astros
43 Kansas City Royals Jackie Hernandez Minnesota Twins
43 Montreal Expos Garry Jestadt Chicago Cubs
44 Seattle Pilots Bucky Brandon Boston Red Sox
44 San Diego Padres Jim Williams Los Angeles Dodgers
45 Kansas City Royals Mike Hedlund Cleveland Indians
45 Montreal Expos Carl Morton Atlanta Braves
46 Seattle Pilots Skip Lockwood Oakland Athletics
46 San Diego Padres Billy McCool Cincinnati Reds
47 Kansas City Royals Tom Burgmeier California Angels
47 Montreal Expos Larry Jaster St. Louis Cardinals
48 Seattle Pilots Gary Timberlake New York Yankees
48 San Diego Padres Roberto Pena Philadelphia Phillies
49 Kansas City Royals Hoyt Wilhelm Chicago White Sox
49 Montreal Expos Ernie McAnally New York Mets
50 Seattle Pilots Robert Richmond Washington Senators
50 San Diego Padres Al McBean Pittsburgh Pirates
51 Kansas City Royals Jerry Adair Boston Red Sox
51 San Diego Padres Rafael Robles San Francisco Giants
52 Seattle Pilots John Morris Baltimore Orioles
52 Montreal Expos Jim Fairey Los Angeles Dodgers
53 Seattle Pilots Mike Marshall Detroit Tigers
53 San Diego Padres Fred Katawczik Cincinnati Reds
54 Kansas City Royals Jerry Cram Minnesota Twins
54 Montreal Expos Coco Laboy St. Louis Cardinals
55 Seattle Pilots Jim Gosger Oakland Athletics
55 San Diego Padres Ron Slocum Pittsburgh Pirates
56 Kansas City Royals Fran Healy Cleveland Indians
56 Montreal Expos John Boccabella Chicago Cubs
57 Seattle Pilots Mike Ferraro New York Yankees
57 San Diego Padres Steve Arlin Philadelphia Phillies
58 Kansas City Royals Scott Northey Chicago White Sox
58 Montreal Expos Ron Brand Houston Astros
59 Seattle Pilots Paul Click California Angels
59 San Diego Padres Cito Gaston Atlanta Braves
60 Kansas City Royals Ike Brookens Washington Senators
60 Montreal Expos John Glass New York Mets