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What's the BR Bullpen?

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The BR Bullpen is an attempt to collect and organize the vastness of baseball knowledge. All things baseball. We are taking a long-term approach here. Coverage will be sparse early on, but as we receive more and more input from users, the site will grow in directions not even conceived of right now, so if you want to talk about Little League Baseball, Pitching Mound Construction, or Umpire Positioning, go for it. No one is going to stop you.

What's a Wiki?

The BR Bullpen is a wiki. A wiki is the most extreme collaborative website imaginable. Wiki software allows any user at any time to edit any page in any way. Imagine thousands of chalkboards each of them describing a particular topic. At any one time someone can come and erase what was written, change what you wrote, or add to what you wrote. That is the idea behind this. Unlike a chalkboard a record of all contributions is maintained, so vandalism can be undone and quality contributions can be maintained. Wikis have their own formatting style that can take a little getting used to. To see how something was done you can always use the edit button.

Get Started

To get started I encourage you to surf around here for awhile to see what sort of content we have and how things are commonly named. All of the player and team pages are linked to here from BR using the player's common name (Yogi Berra, not Lawrence Berra) and the team's year and name (2004 Chicago Cubs).

Want to help out? Read How to contribute.

Some important tips about contribution: do not post copyrighted information; do not post snippets from books, websites, or magazines; post using your own knowledge in your own words. We would hate to have to delete everything that you've written.

Use of Materials on the BR Bullpen

Who can use this? Anyone. This material is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Meaning that people using or copying this material must attribute it properly and must share any derivative products with the same license. Commercial use is allowed, but the commercial user is not protected by copyright law.

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