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Team Bio[edit]

The Wareham Gatemen are a Summer Collegiate Baseball team playing in the Cape Cod Baseball League, the nation's most elite summer collegiate league. The Gatemen joined the CCBL in 1969 and won their first Cape league championship in 1976. They play their home games at Spillane Field in Wareham, MA.

The Wareham Gatemen, like other summer college baseball teams, are dedicated and designed to provide minor league level competition for NCAA players that wish to continue on into professional baseball and routinely send players to the MLB Drafts. The Gatemen operate in the model an Independent Minor League team: recruiting athletes, playing nightly before fans in stadiums which seat thousands, using wood bats and minor league specification equipment, and experiencing road trips between games. Like all other summer collegiate players, the Wareham Gatemen are unpaid in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility, and live with host families in the same manner as Single A and Independent League players.

  • Like All Cape Cod Baseball League Games, the Wareham Gatemen games are Free to the Public. A donation can be offered at the gate.

Year-by-Year Record since 1976[edit]

Year Record Manager Playoffs
1976 21-18-2 Bill Livesey League Champs
1977 20-20 Bill Livesey Lost in 1st Round
1978 20-22 Demie Mainieri
1979 17-25 Jack Gillis
1980 20-20-2 Joe Arnold Lost in 1st Round
1981 27-13-2 Joe Arnold Lost in 1st Round
1982 29-11-1 Joe Arnold Lost in 1st Round
1983 26-15-1 Joe Arnold Lost in 1st Round
1984 22-17-3 Mike Roberts Lost Final
1985 19-22-1 Mark Scalf
1986 22-18-2 Stan Meek Lost in 1st Round
1987 17-25 Bob Pearson
1988 29-13-2 Stan Meek League Champs
1989 21-22-1 Jim Fleming
1990 24-19-1 Jim Fleming Lost Final
1991 30-14 Don Reed Lost in 1st Round
1992 22-20-1 Don Reed Lost in1st Round
1993 25-17-2 Don Reed Lost Final
1994 25-17-1 Don Reed League Champs
1995 28-15-1 Don Reed Lost in 1st Round
1996 29-15 Don Reed Lost in 1st Round
1997 28-16 Don Reed League Champs
1998 25-18-1 Don Reed Lost Final
1999 24-18-2 Don Reed Lost in 1st Round
2000 27-16-1 Mike Roberts Lost in 1st Round
2001 25-18-1 Cooper Farris League Champs
2002 23-21 Cooper Farris League Champs
2003 17-25-1 Cooper Farris
2004 20-24 Cooper Farris
2005 21-21-2 Cooper Farris
2006 24-19-1 Cooper Farris Lost Final
2007 15-29 Cooper Farris
2008 17-26-1 Cooper Farris
2009 19-19-6 Cooper Farris Lost in 1st Round
2010 19-24-1 Cooper Farris Lost Semi-final
2011 23-21 Cooper Farris Lost Semi-final
2012 21-23 Cooper Farris League Champs
2013 9-33-1 Cooper Farris
2014 14-28-2 Cooper Farris
2015 17-25-2 Cooper Farris
2016 25-15-4 Jerry Weinstein Lost in 1st Round

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