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[edit] RIP: Pat Summitt

Thanks, will keep it in mind. I'm working on a bigger page for the Washington Nationals (not the Expos/Nationals page). I noticed that the individual pages for the Nationals of the AA, UA, and NL are just stubs. I think by combining them into one page works better like with the Philadelphia Athletics etc.

Here are my plans/goals for the summer of 2016:

1) A new Washington Nationals page for the other Nationals teams. (move to Wash. Nat's; write history of Wash. baseball)

2) Organize/fix/edit MLB pages. (work esp. on those that don't have one)

3) League histories (divide league standings into divisions etc.)

Long term goals: Work on Yankee Stadium (I) not Yankee Stadium (II). This one I see taking place possibly in '17. Finishing the Cleveland Indians history page. New York Yankees history

Regarding the Rustlers: indeed, it would be hard to have more than a paragraph or two on the team, but that's alright. You can also put in a "see also" section linking to the article you wrote on the history of the Braves franchise. --Philippe (talk) 02:45, 26 June 2016 (EDT)

June 28: Well, I'll see what I come up with first. Actually I may do a direct link to the 1911 season. I'd like to some time in the near future do an expanded history of the Western League. It'll mostly cover the years 1885; 86-88, 92 and 94-99. If it's okay, I'd like to take the history section, and move it to a new page. On the top part of the page, I'll write something short and simple about the history Western Leagues. Feel free to make any other suggestions. During my research I've found that I was wrong about the early minor league history of the Cleveland Indians. Apparently there is no connection between Toledo/Terre Haute and Columbus. They were two separate franchises. The sources in all the books that I've read, don't mention Terre Haute being dropped. All that is mentioned is Toledo moves to Terre Haute in 1895, and then the next year Columbus appears. Took me finding out what happened in Dennis Pajot's book on Milwaukee Baseball. Go figure.

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