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Thanks for the encouragement on my Senators theory. My biggest problem with MLB and baseball clubs, is that teams don't acknowledge their minor league roots. I realize that they need to be separate. I've seen it with the NBA, NHL and the NFL. But MLB teams like Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Minnesota do not acknowledge the years they spent playing in the minors. The Atlanta Braves acknowledge their 5 seasons in the N.A. albeit in a limited sort of way as do the Cubs. I've often thought that the AA Reds and the original NL Reds were the same team. I've come to the same conclusion about the Cardinals. Mostly as I have yet to find an incorporation date for either team. Unless one counts from when said team joins the league. (i.e. Cardinals and Reds Nov. 2, 1881). In addition I have theorized that when a league folds, like for example the Western League (1885-88), it doesn't necessarily mean that a team folds. Chances are a team will sit out the rest of the season and organize itself. Sign or re-sign players and change front office personnel. Or if a team drops out, it's not necessarily folding, but the team probably cannot afford to play in the major league as it would say in the minors or as an independent. Now if MLB or maybe the minor leagues were to acknowledge the various MLB teams that did play minor league ball, it might help in tracing team histories or it might not.

According to the Diamondbacks website: Kirk Gibson was fired on Sept. 26th. Alan Trammell even though he was fired as well, is managing the Diamondbacks last three games. Here is the article:

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