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Well, I did the best that I could, but I am done with the history of the Atlanta Braves. From what I figure, I believe I managed to get it down to 6 pages or thereabouts. I also managed to save a copy or two of what I originally wrote so that it will go into a longer, never revealed version of the Atlanta Braves history. So have at it. Cut, past, edit or destroy to make it fit into what ever areas it needs to go to. It's a pretty safe bet, that I will not be undertaking this sort of project again. Although if I do, it will be an official history of the New York Yankees. But that won't be a while. I would like to apologize for any undo worry and stress that I have caused you guys with my writing of the Braves history.

The article is very good. I've made some corrections, but have kept almost everything you wrote. Keep up the good work, Yuriy ! --Philippe (talk) 15:07, 25 October 2015 (EDT)
    • It flows better than what I wrote. I did fix a small error that you had.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I'm working on a rivalry page for the Braves. I noticed there should be one given the Braves long history. Just having one on the Braves' division rivals is a little silly. After all the Braves have had good rivalries with teams like the Cubs, Yankees, Brooklyn Atlantics, Philadelphia Athletics (old and new). But this time, I'm writing it out first so that there won't be any fly by the seat of my pants writing. Should be good, and hope to post it when all is said and done.

Q: I have an actual year by year schedule for the Cincinnati Red Stockings: 1866-70. I'm not sure how to go about posting it here on this website. I can post it here under my user pages, and we can go from there, if that's okay with you guys. Remember, I'm not that well-versed here, so I need your help to do what's right.

Q: I take it that all games that John Farrell missed are counted towards his win/loss record. Aside from managerial changes, when do win/loss records count towards the interim manager?

A: I this specific case, the games go to Lovullo's record, as Farrell left the job for the remainder of the season, and it was presented as an actual managerial change. When a manager steps aside for a few days when it is clear he is going to return shortly, those games are usually counted in his record, not in the acting manager's. When it's only for a few days, it's pretty clear, but there is no consistency in how this is calculated for longer stints: for example, see how Don Zimmer and Matt Galante's managerial stints under those circumstances are treated, which varies from source to source. At one extreme is Retrosheet, which will count all games missed in the record of the acting manager, even if it's a one-day absence and the acting manager had very little say in most things normally in a manager's purview, except for in-game strategy. --Philippe (talk) 05:56, 19 November 2015 (EST)

  • Anaheim Angels: Oct. 27, 1960
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Mar. 9, 1995
  • Atlanta Braves: Jul. 23, 1866/Jan. 20, 1871
  • Baltimore Orioles: Dec. 28, 1883/1886
  • Boston Red Sox: 1900/01
  • Chicago Cubs: Oct. 12, 1869/Mar. 2, 1874
  • Chicago White Sox: Nov. 20, 1893
  • Cincinnati Reds: June 1875/1881
  • Cleveland Indians: Jan. 21, 1892
  • Colorado Rockies: Jul. 5, 1991
  • Detroit Tigers: Nov. 20, 1893
  • Florida Marlins: Jul. 5, 1991
  • Houston Astros: Jul. 27, 1959/Oct. 17, 1960
  • Kansas City Royals: Dec. 1, 1967
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 1882
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Dec. 1, 1967
  • Minnesota Twins: Jan. 18, 1887
  • New York Mets: Jul. 27, 1959/Oct. 17, 1960
  • New York Yankees: Jan. 4, 1901
  • Oakland Athletics: 1900/01
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Dec. 6, 1882
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Oct. 8, 1881
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Mar. 1, 1875
  • San Diego Padres: May 27, 1968
  • San Francisco Giants: Feb. 19, 1878/Dec. 6, 1882
  • Seattle Mariners: Feb. 6, 1976
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Mar. 9, 1995
  • Texas Rangers: Nov. 17, 1960
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Mar. 26, 1976
  • Washington Nationals: May 27, 1968

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