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4/22/2017: 1) While going through and figuring out which teams still needed histories, I noticed that there were 2 pages for the Cincinnati Redlegs (2 different spellings), and 2 pages for the Red Stockings/Reds (1876-80). Shouldn't these pages be combined? At least the Red Legs/Redlegs pages. The Red Stockings/Reds page I suppose is to differentiate between the powerhouse Red Stockings team and the NL Reds. 2) I know that during both First and Second World Wars, many collegiate teams shut their programs down, particularly the football programs, and that many athletes took part in the Second World War. As the U.S. joined the First World War in 1917, and probably had less of an impact in baseball as opposed the Second, how many ballplayers served in the First World War?

1) Yes, you should definitely merge Cincinnati Red Legs and Cincinnati Redlegs, with the latter the most common spelling. Three other pages are needed: Cincinnati Red Stocking for the first pro team, that you've written about quite a bit; the Cincinnati Reds (1876-1880) for the first NL entry, that disappeared quickly (and yea, it's understood a lot of people called them the "Red Stockings" at the time); the Cinicnnati Reds, for the current team. 2) See Category:World War I Veterans for a list of baseball players who served in the first war. It's pretty extensive, even though the U.S. joined the fray quite late. Also remember the 1918 season was shortened by a full month because of the war, so the impact was far from minor. --Philippe (talk) 13:05, 23 April 2017 (UTC)

5/19/17: Thanks for the information on the 1st World War. BTW: This what is said about the Trojans/Giants connection: |Troy That being said if this in fact true, that it's a loose link, then I will fix the San Francisco Giants page. All that's left is figure out the Yankees/Orioles history.

5/28/17: Well, I dropped the Trojans connection with the Giants. At least here. However, considering what I've come across over the years with various major league sports teams, I've decided that I'll keep the Trojans/Giants connection in my own personal files. Only for this reason: There are some websites, I think the Baseball Library website was one of them, where the wording made it sound as though Giants' owner John Day bought the Trojans' franchise and moved the team to New York. If by some minute chance some time down the road this actually true, then I'll put the Trojans connection back on the Giants' page. But for now, the Trojans and Giants are now officially 2 separate teams.

They are officially two separate teams, but the future Giants took over all of Troy's star players, so there is a clear sporting connection between the two teams even if there is no legal one. --Philippe (talk) 13:32, 29 May 2017 (UTC)

From last year: Thanks, will keep it in mind. I'm working on a bigger page for the Washington Nationals (not the Expos/Nationals page). I noticed that the individual pages for the Nationals of the AA, UA, and NL are just stubs. I think by combining them into one page works better like with the Philadelphia Athletics etc.

Here are my plans/goals for the summer of 2017 (This looks to be expanded into next year, but can't say for certain)

1) A new Washington Nationals page for the other Nationals teams. (move to Wash. Nat's; write history of Wash. baseball)

2) Organize/fix/edit MLB pages. (work esp. on those that don't have one)

3) League histories (divide league standings into divisions etc.)

Long term goals: Work on Yankee Stadium (I) not Yankee Stadium (II). This one I see taking place possibly in '18. Finishing the Cleveland Indians history page. New York Yankees history

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