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To either Mischa or Philippe: If I have missed a section on this Bullpen Wiki page where I commented and haven't gotten back to you on it. Feel free to let me know here. I used to keep track of the areas that I've commented on, but have since gotten away from it. I do want to thank you for helping me out here and there on this. As I've said some where, I'm mostly flying by the seat of my pants.

Q: I realize that it's important to divide up teams into separate pages (i.e. Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Browns, Baltimore Orioles). However, I have noticed that in some areas makes it look a little cluttered. For example: Under the Philadelphia Athletics the section on the 2nd Philadelphia A's team, there is a few links to sub-pages on the 1890 A's team, and the Quakers. I was thinking that these pages should be combined. You know how there's the 30 major league teams. And down at the bottom of the page is the seasons of the teams. Would it be possible to do the same thing for the previous cities as well. You know have one for (Philadelphia A's, Kansas City A's) and then for the current team just stick with 1901-Present.

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