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According to the Diamondbacks website: Kirk Gibson was fired on Sept. 26th. Alan Trammell even though he was fired as well, is managing the Diamondbacks last three games. Here is the article:

Baseball Hall of Fame: The HoF announced Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, Craig Biggio and Pedro Martinez. 2 questions: 1) Were there any winners from the Veterans' Committee? 2) When people say that it's the largest class since '55, they are referring to players only. Why are non-players excluded? To me if you have players and non-players they should all be included in one class.

Your first question is answered in the 2015 Hall of Fame Election article, and the answer is no; two players came within a vote of being elected, but fell short. With regard to the second question, it's the largest class of players elected by the BBWAA since 1955. There have been much larger classes of persons elected via other means, including the large group of Negro League players and others who were inducted in one batch in 2006. However, being elected by the BBWAA remains the most prestigious way to get into the Hall, and given the strictures of its voting system, it is truly exceptional that four players could get in at one go. --Philippe (talk) 02:21, 10 January 2015 (EST)

1) Drat. I'm still looking forward to the day when George Steinbrenner, Del Webb or Dan Topping get in. 2) Well that explains things. Thanks.

Q: When a new stadium opens (i.e. Yankee Stadium II) why are there two opening days? In the old days when a stadium opened it was with one opening (Yankee Stadium: Apr. 18, 1923). I realize that the 1st one is for pre-season, but it seems kind of silly to use the 2nd opening as the official one. To me it means that it opened twice.

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