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General information

Hi there everybody. I am Soxrock (you can call me Troy). I am a sports nut, with my favorites being baseball, football, and hockey. You can find me on the web in numerous places under the name Soxrock* (or, in two places, Soxrock192). I know far too much about baseball than I should, considering my age (you can quiz me if you'd like)

Quick notes

  • I have that orange box above to let you know what I'm thinking on BASEBALL or sports in general. It is not my opinion box pm the Bullpen. A Bullpen opinion section can be seen on this page, however. If you have a problem, my talk page is avaliable for correspondence.
  • All BAD FAITH edits will be removed immediately upon sight of them. If you want anything removed from this page, you must talk to me. Exceptions are copyright violations (and I'm not that stupid, FYI).

Edit counts (the times are as of the last edits for Mischa and I. This is not updated daily, it's just meant to measure our edits and the amound between us.)

14,371 as of 02:51, 23 December 2007

Behind Mischa: 37,881 - 14,371 = 23,510

Mischa: 37,881 as of 01:59, 23 December 2007

  • If your wondering, I have this because I aspire to be the Bullpen's top contributor one day. Unless someone has more, Mischa has the most edits that I've seen. However, my edits will stay qualitative as well.


[edit] Editor's focus

I notice this place is a great Minor League reference to this point. However, coupling the facts that users like Dugout are Minor League historians, and I know next to nothing about Minor League history (I'd never heard of the Muncie Reds for example...), my focus is to stick with my biggest strengths, MLB history. My projects are listed below. I am trying to expand upon all of them, but when subprojects are included, I could be working on potentially hundreds of thousands of projects. Wish me luck, and I'll make sure to help this place out significantly. When I'm thru with all 30 teams seasonal articles, they will all look fairly developed.

[edit] Projects

Main article: User:SoxrockProjects

[edit] Completed

Object Accomplishment Dates
1901-2006 Baltimore Orioles/New York Highlanders/New York Yankees seasons Enlarged articles 08/06/2007-08/19/2007
1998-2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays seasons Enlarged articles 08/28/2007-08/30/2007
1993-2006 Florida Marlins seasonal rosters Created 09/01/2007-09/09/2007
1993-2006 Florida Marlins seasons Enlarged articles 09/01/2007-09/14/2007

[edit] Current

Object Complete Left to do Started
1901-2006 Baltimore Orioles/New York Highlanders/New York Yankees seasonal rosters 1901-1908 1909-2006 09/13/2007
World Series stats and remodeling of pages 1903, 1905-1906, 1991 1907-1990 10/13/2007
1891-2006 Pittsburgh Pirates rosters 1891-1904 1905-2006 11/19/2007
Game-by-Game box scores for NLCS pages 1969, 2004-2007 1970-1993, 1996-2003 11/30/2007
Game-by-Game box scores for ALCS pages 1969-1997, 2003, 2005-2007 1998-2002, 2004 12/6/2007

[edit] Upcoming

  • Build articles for every seasonal team page
  • Create standings templates
  • Add roster templates
  • Create rosters
  • Add prominent stats to pages, as full stats will be at the B-R link in the infobox
  • Good prose
  • Free use images
  • Rework the World Series pages. For 1905-1992, I mostly copied Wikipedia, and I plan to rework them to meet Bullpen standards now. The advantage to what I did was that it gave the pages the important info from those Series. Now the pages can look more original once I get to them.


  • The amount of sub-projects contained in the upcoming section is enormous, and I do not intend to list all of them. This way, it almost feels like a lesser workload
  • To reduce the size of the page, I will gradually integrate completed projects (i.e, if I finish the Marlins roster, stats, and article enlargements, I'll group it into "1993-2006 Marlins season articles" and then say "improved"). However, if I decide to, I may decide to also include a full list of projects and put them at a title like User:SoxrockProjects and give everyone a vast list of improvements I've made.
  • While regular articles have been outlawed, articles that I've written may be copied from Wikipedia. Mischa has given permission as seen at this diff. SoxrockTalk/Edits 12:44, 30 September 2007 (EDT)

[edit] Body of Work

[edit] Articles/Templates I've created

[edit] Articles

[edit] Templates

[edit] Articles I've significantly expanded

  • 1901-2006 Baltimore Orioles/New York Highlanders/New York Yankees articles

[edit] Bullpen opinions

[edit] Good

  • I like that this place is soley focused on baseball. Whereas Wikipedia and other places I've worked at generally focus on numerous things, this place is dedicated to baseball and only baseball.
  • I like that I have finally been accepted, or so it seems. My start was rocky, but I now feel that people appreciate my hard work.

[edit] Bad

  • I don't like it when I see opinionated prose. Such as the 1968 World Series article, where I saw a line that said "But my favorite story...". Bad idea. That makes it look more like a blog then an encyclopedia
  • What's with all the unfree, copyrighted images?

[edit] Baseball teams and rivals

NYY This user is a New York Yankees fan.
SOX This user is a Chicago White Sox fan.
SUX This user HATES the Boston Red Sox.

[edit] Trivia and tidbits

  • I have a sure idea when the Yanks/Red Sox rivalry started
    • 1904, final day of the regular season, and, tied in the standings, the Boston Americans traveled to Hilltop Park in New York for a pennant-deciding matchup with the New York Highlanders. Jack Chesbro, a 41-game winner in 1904, was on the mound for the Highlanders, and it was a 2-2 game in the 9th inning. Boston had a runner on 3rd base. Chesbro, still going strong, made a risky decision, and threw a spitball. It went over the catcher's head, and Lou Criger scored the winning run for a 3-2 Amerks victory over the Hilltoppers. However, the Amerks would not play in the World Series, because of a decision made by Giants manager John McGraw.

[edit] Baseball Books

[edit] Signature coding




[edit] Userpage Guideline

  • This page is used to show all my accomplishments on the Bullpen. However, because it is actually "my" page, I want it to be known that I will have opinions posted in various places. The "Opinions" section are just thoughts on the 'pen, but the huge, orange box on the top of the page is for opinions (and Editing Status Updates) outside of the Pen. Rarely will you see an opinion relating to any editors, but usually to the Yankees or the White Sox or anything else baseball.

[edit] SoxrockProjects

SoxrockProjects is a userpage and talkpage exclusive account. I use it only as so to prevent My contributions from having "Talk:---" and "User:Soxrock" scattered throughout. It is merely preferential, and not an attempt to make others want to do such things in the future.

[edit] External links

[edit] Non-baseball related

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