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[edit] To Do List

-update the bio on Cito from the commemorative newspaper I've had in my backseat since the summer...

-Paul Quantril's bio from the Can. Baseball Hall of Fame

[edit] Bio

Canadian baseball fan living north of Toronto, ON (home of the Blue Jays). So of course, I'm a Blue Jays fan. It's been a rough go as of late, but I'm sure we'll make the playoffs again sometime (Back to Back World Series was pretty nice, but that was well over a decade now and the slump they're in gets worse every year...)

I work as an Underwriter for a medium-sized insurance company, so my work involves dealing with doctor's reports and such. I have a pretty good knowledge of medical conditions as they relate to disability and mortality, and I'll add what I come across to the various baseball articles on here, keeping in mind that we want to keep the tone light and not get too technical about the medical stuff :) I've added to articles on Lou Gehrig and contributed to the biography of Ron Taylor, the Jays team doctor. I like to add the knowledge I have from a medical perspective and put a baseball spin on it.

I've added a few images from my personal collection taken at Skydome (Rogers Centre sounds so corporate) over the years... It will always be the Dome!

For the "Frivolities" section, I've created articles about "Who's on First" and "Ballpark Food". I have also scanned the US Military websites for baseball photos to upload (they're all PD, and some are actually quite nice). I'll take a break from that for a while and will set up some player bio pages for Division Elite players in France (I'm learning so much about international baseball at the same time!). Speaking the language helps, there isn't much in English for most of the Div. Elite guys...

I've also learned quite a bit about copyrights, and attribution under a GFDL...

Editing this website helps with the dreaded "baseball withdrawal syndrome" over the winter months while I dream of another Blue Jays pennant run in 2009 (not gonna happen, they've already admitted to the media this is gonna be a "rebuilding year" and have told the fans not to expect too much as they likely won't make it to the playoffs again... sigh). 2010 is another year of the same old same old for Jays fans again... Just make the post-season guys, and we'll all be fine for another 10 yrs... :)

Went to the game4s for the 2009 World Baseball Classic in Toronto, saw Canada eliminated by the Italian team after a heartbreaker of a loss against the USA... The USA and Venezuela games were ok, but I was hoping for so much more from Team Canada. Ah, they still did us proud and we had fun at the games they played.

[edit] Roving Photographer

I have tickets to all six games of the 2009 WBC in Toronto (G0 CANADA!!!!), and I'll try to upload pictures as I get them. My camera's batteries died during the Italy/Venezuela game, but I got a few somewhat decent pics at least.

Unfortunately, that was at the maximum zoom, it's only a small point and shoot camera, good for taking pics of the family, not much good from way up in the nosebleed section at Rogers Centre. I tried borrowing my in-laws digital camcorder with 16x zoom, but couldn't. Oh well.

[edit] Important info

Here is my email correspondance with the Arvernes de Clermont-Ferrand about using their pictures on our website:

Aucun Probleme !

Olivier Charlionet, responsable administratif du BSCC

E-mail d'origine-----

De : Brian Barker <> A : Envoyé le : Lundi, 5 Janvier 2009 4:02 Sujet : permission d'utiliser les photos de l'équipe Elite

Bonjour, j'aimerai connaître les modalités d'utilisation des photos des joueurs en division Elite qui sont proposées sur votre site. Puis-je en utiliser quelques-unes pour illustrer l'article consacré à votre équipe ou pour l'article de chaque joueur individuel sur le site anglais de (le BR Bullpen, encyclopédie du baseball international)? Nous essayons de ramasser le plus d'information possible, ces photos nous aideraient énormément. Si vous êtes d'accord, nous utilisons d'habitude la license Creative Commons qui se lit comme suit: ". Ce fichier est sous la licence de Creative Commons suivante : « Paternité – Partage des Conditions Initiales à l'Identique 2.0 France »".

Merci! Brian Barker pour le BR Bullpen

Basically, I asked what the usage conditions were for he player photos in Div. Elite from their website. I aksed if we can use some for the articles about the team, or for each individual player on the article. If they were in agreement, I explained we normally use the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license (CC France in their case.)

The response was "Not a problem" from Olivier Charlionet, Administrative Head of the BSCC.

so we're free to use the photos from their website,, so long as we use the CC BY SA license.

[edit] Rouen76 also gave us a positive response

I also emailed the Huskies de Rouen using the form on their website, they've also given us permission to use the photos from their website. I copied the same email as above, changed the name of the article for the ball team and sent it. Here's their response, with the translation below.

Brian and Stacey From: <> To: <> Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 5:35 AM Subject: Rouen Page 1 of 1 1/10/2009 Bonjour Brian merci pour votre intérêt pour les Huskies et les joueurs de Rouen. Toutes les photos sur le site sont à votre disposition, vous pouvez les utiliser. Si un crédit photo apparait (exemple: © Christophe Elise), merci de le préciser également. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout besoin Cordialement Xavier Rolland

Hello Brian Thank you for your interest in the Huskies and the players for Rouen. All of the photos on the website are at your disposal, you can use them. If a photo credit also appears (exemple: © Christophe Elise), please also mention it in. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything further Cordially, Xavier Rolland

So all their photos we can use under the creative commons (cc-by-sa), just like the ones for Arvernes. Great news also!--Oaktree b 10:17, 10 January 2009 (EST)

[edit] OK from Lithuania

Edumtas Matusevicius has also given us permission to use the photos from the Lithuanian Baseball website at our discretion. I'll post the photos under a CC-by-sa licence as that was what I specified in my email, see below:

From: <> To: "Brian Barker" <> Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 9:05 AM Subject: Re: permission to use some of your pictures on our website

Dear Mr Brian Barker, I have pleasure in informing you that I, Secretary General of the Lithanian Baseball Association, enpower you with all the rights to copy and use all the photographs and information copied from website at your discretion. May I also take this opportunity to inform you know that my second son Edvardas Matusevicius is a pitcher. At the age of 16, he made his debut in the Lithuanian National Men‘s Baseball Team in the European Men‘s Baseball Qualification Tournament in Carlovac, Croatia, in 2008. He was a pither for the first match with Croatia. He was trained in the sessions of the MLB European Academy for three weeks in Italy in 2008, too. The best MLB coaches took care of him. My youngest son Edis (12 yer old) is a pitcher, too. Its has been the second yor he has been playing for the Lithuanian Juveniles Team as a pitcher.

Yours sincerely, Edumtas Matusevicius Secretary General Lithuanian Baseball Association (LBA)

Original Message -----

From: Brian Barker To: Sent: Friday, January 23, 2009 6:49 AM Subject: permission to use some of your pictures on our website

Hello, I am writing on behalf of the website, the BR Bullpen. This is a website that is trying to collect information on baseball around the world. We have a few articles on baseball in Lithuania, and also on Edmundas Matusevičius (Please see for details. I notice that your site has some photographs of several Lithuanian teams, and also of Mr. Matusevičius; I was wondering if we could get your permission to use them on the website? We normally use a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike License, similar to what is used on Wikipedia for photographs. We would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you for your time!

[edit] asking the Templiers for permission

I've sent an email to the Templiers de Senart to ask if we can use pictures from their website here as well. (Same email I sent Arvernes and Rouen). Hoping for a positive response as well. --Oaktree_b 23:43, 5 April 2009 (EDT)

I have seen the SABRpedia site and used it for a few things (mostly college baseball records). - --Mischa 12:00, 6 April 2012 (EDT)

I'll get you the 1945-1946 Cienfuegos roster when time allows. It's in Figueredo's Cuban Winter League book. - --Mischa 09:14, 5 November 2012 (EST)

As Just Me points out, the 1945-1946 Cienfuegos pictures aren't old enough to be public domain. Here's the roster, though:

- --Mischa 08:30, 8 November 2012 (EST)

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