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Biographical Information

I've lived in the Sacramento area most of my life. I started collecting baseball cards with the 1982 Fleer set (They're ugly with bad photography, but they're still special to me). That's where I discovered Rod Carew which was my portal to being a long suffering Angels fan (nightmares of '86, yelling at Sportcenter in '95). Not sure why I started idolizing Ted Williams, but I do.

other information

2 kids (they love me despite my addiction to the Bullpen)

other useless information

B.S. in Chemistry

  • I believe Branch Rickey was the most influential person in baseball history (farm system / color barrier / expansion)
  • I Minnie Minoso to be the most qualified player to not be elected to the HOF. And yet they inist on putting Jim Rice in before Santo, Minoso, Blyleven, and Kaat.
    • just my opinions

Bullpen Interests

  • My first project was adding the "Cities Represented" tables to the various league pages
  • I have been trying to add year-by-year tables for all minor league teams (this one starts and stops as I find other things that interest me).
  • I have been adding managerial tables to as many managers as I can find
  • I have been adding as many junior colleges as I can find to various player pages (and creating many of the JC pages)
  • I have been adding biographical tidbits from the various Registers I have picked up (between 1943 and 1996 at this point)
  • I have been trying to create a list of scouts from the Guides that I have picked up (1943-2000 incl., 2002, 2004) and hope to add as much of that as I can in the future.
  • I try to eliminate double redirects, unused/wanted categories and unused files.
  • The latest thing I have been noticing is missing managers in The Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball. I have the first and second editions, and the second edition is probably the best source around for minor league managers of the past 120 years. But its not perfect. There are a lot of missing mid-season managerial changes. The TSNs at have proved invaluable in remedying these discrepencies.
  • And I usually find myself meddling in the recent projects of others (That's what makes the Bullpen great - seeing another contributor's work and thinking of other things to add and/or branch off)
  • SABR sent me their manager database, and I am going through that making suggestions and corrections.
  • And I might just leave way too many notes on the discussion pages.

Ron Santo

In The New Historical Baseball Abstract, Bill James uses a method to state a player's batting abilities in a different context (look in Willie Davis). Putting Ron Santo in a 750 run context through his career produces a player with a batting line of .295/~.384/.493 triple crown stats of .295/372/1531. Using similarity scores to find the closest batter to this "adjusted Santo", the system comes up with Jim Rice and Jeff Kent. If Jim Rice can get into the Hall-of-Fame with average defense in left field, shouldn't Santo get in easily with gold glove defense at third base?

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