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[edit] Things I am working on, have worked on, or would like to work on

  • I used templates to add season rosters to Expos pages. (See 1969 Expos.) I tried to make them look like base lines. Please feel free to copy them for your favorite team! I got the jersey numbers thanks to The coach names, numbers and manager numbers were graciously added by User:Philippe.
  • I figured we needed to be able to see each Postseason as a unit on team pages and series pages. (See Template:1995Postseason)
  • I added a direct link from a team's page to each of their season summaries thinking this would encourage people to fill in the blanks. (See Template:CardinalsSeasons.) Adding these large tables as templates saves space on the pages for more readily editable content.
  • Fixed postseason links in MLB Teams pages and standardized those pages.
  • I worked on year pages, starting from 1872. In doing so I discovered anomalies arising from multiple franchises from competing leagues sharing the same name and/or geographical designation such as 1878_Grays and 1878 Grays (Milwaukee). I've fixed these and some other related snafus involving much used names such as Nationals, Senators, Athletics, Orioles, etc...

[edit] I haven't...

done anything else around here in quite some time. I don't have the knowledge of the history of the game that many of the contributors around here have. When I began editing here there were fewer than 500 people registered on the Bullpen. My concerns have always been cosmetic ones (how it looks) and navigation for the site(how it works). Enabling visitors to access as much information as possible is important.

I really like the fact that the Bullpen focuses more on Baseball as a culture, as opposed to the contemporary MLB-centric direction of the wikipedia project. Pages for minor league players, minor leagues, foreign leagues, and in general the historical outlook of the Bullpen is more appealing to me than wikipedia. I like the fact, for instance, that the Brooklyn Dodgers have their own page here. I will continue to contribute here whenever I can.

[edit] AND...


Who's this guy anyway

My name is Shawn Kennedy. I am an ESL teacher, eternal student, and music radio host.

I am obviously an Expos fan. RIP Nos Amours. Shame on those involved with the demise and relocation of the Expos.

I do believe baseball will return to Montreal, and I do believe it should be the Devil Rays who relocate to the wonderful city of Montreal. The Marlins could have Florida and Montreal would enjoy natural rivalries within the AL East, where we should have always been situated.

I also hope for a Can-Am League team to locate a team in the Montreal area in the near future.

Email me at

Visit my website at

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