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I have an account under the same name on Wikipedia.


[edit] Things I've Done

[edit] Images

  • Note: No images were taken by me. If you look at most their pages you'll be given the link to their Commons page, and on each of them you can tell the differences between the original and edited versions; I did the editing using Gimp.

[edit] Things I'm planning on Doing

  • Templating a baseball card - the way we have it set up now looks kind of strange ...
  • Template a lineup - this may be more difficult given that there's a lineup with and without DH and for a left and right pitcher, so four lineups total, and that's going to be huge.

[edit] What Needs to be Done

Baseball reference is a good site - however it is also plagued by inconsistency and poor formatting. There is such a wide range of articles that need to be changed that we can't afford to continue without an established style when creating new pages. Style guidelines should be made more prominent (if they even exist ...), and the basics need to be clearly stated; I've come across articles that put a space between the period and the ref tag or put a period after the reference etc.; this type of thing, while small, hurts the site's credibility.

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