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Hello, my name is Alex, hence the first part of my username. The second half - the "autographs" - is there because I enjoy collecting them.

I am a huge fan of the New York Mets, but overall, I just love baseball in general. I began writing articles on Wikipedia way back in May of 2005, with my first article being David Aardsma. I was delighted to find out Baseball Reference had installed a wiki, and I began transferring information I wrote at Wikipedia to here.

Since I have signed up here, I have added all sorts of stuff. A bunch of images, articles of random minor leaguers, foreign guys, you name it.

I hope, one day, every single NPB player will have his own page. I'd also like to see each first round draft pick (in the regular draft) get his own page too.

To view a list of the baseball player articles I've started at Wikipedia, click here.

Articles to write eventually:

Ernie Sites, Pete Catalano, Dick Lloyd, Anthony Haase, Jeremy Robinson, Dick Hendley, Brad Kohler, Gene Sylvester

Bruce Weber, Bill Gutman, Bob Mackin, Saul Wisnia, Lew Freedman, Douglas B. Lyons, Kevin Nelson, Howard Blatt, Kevin Kernan, Bart Rockwell, Bruce Nash, Dan Schlossberg, Phil Blazovich, Herb Gluck, David Fisher, Francene Sabin, Jeff Pearlman, Joann Early Macken, Dave Kaplan, Adam Brunner, Josh Leventhal, Margaret Davidson, Nick Bakalar, Helen Exley, Phil Pepe, Don Yaeger, Rob Rains, Norman L. Macht, Claire Smith, Howard Liss, John Grisham, Seth Swirsky, Ernestine Miller, Steve Jacobson, Ray Robinson, George Vecsey, Wayne R. Coffey, Luke Friend, Don Zminda, Angus G. Garber, Dave D'Antonio, Michael Levin, Mark Winegardner

Kazutomo Aihara, Mamoru Aihara, Hideaki Aikawa, Ryota Aikawa, Susumu Aikawa, Takashi Aiki, Takeshi Aiko, Hisashi Aikyo

Joseph Colon, Cody Hall, Adrian Sampson, Thomas Collier, Casey Lawrence, Kelvin Marte, Zach Nuding, Kenn Kasparek, Chase Bradford, Colton Murray LOA Mex League

Steve Taylor, Tad Venger, Nick Hernandez, Glenn Franklin, Robert Hicks, Gerry Aubin, Robert Boyce, Rip Rollins, Dan Lamar, Chris Baker, Steve Perry

Jorge Sequea, Dave Shotkowski, Rob Souza, Mark Stancel, John Thibodeau, Bill Voeltz, Ron Walker

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