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Hello, my name is Alex, hence the first part of my username. The second half - the "autographs" - is there because I enjoy collecting them.

I am a huge fan of the New York Mets, but overall, I just love baseball. I began writing articles on Wikipedia way back in May of 2005, with my first article being David Aardsma. I was delighted to find out Baseball Reference had installed a wiki, and I began transferring information I wrote at Wikipedia to here.

Since I have signed up here, I have added all sorts of stuff. A bunch of images, articles of random minor leaguers, foreign guys, you name it.

I hope, one day, every single NPB player will have his own page. I'd also like to see each first round draft pick (in the regular draft) get his own page too.

To view a list of the baseball player articles I've started at Wikipedia, click here.

Articles to write eventually:

Marie Ziegler, John Raczka, Frank Seeley, Tom Young, John Pearson, Bill Pass, Marvin Deal, Alice Hoover, Rod Belcher, Glenn Brundis, George Fisher, Bill Hicks

Kosaburo Matsumoto, Kiyohiko Shide, Michio Shigematsu, Sukeichi Takeda, Kinji Uno, Koichi Yamashita, Naoto Asahara, Naokazu Haga, Kazuo Hattori, Tsugio Iwata, Tomoo Kato LOA 1936 Nagoya Fall moving down (Kato)

Nick Shaw, Rossmel Perez, Steve Selsky, P.J. Francescon, Drew Gagnon, Jim Patterson, Matt Ramsey, Kaleb Fleck, Brent Suter, Shane Dyer, Cody Winiarski, Mikey O'Brien, Jared Rogers, (LOA Texas League games moving down)

Justus Sheffield, Braxton Davidson, Michael Kopech, Jack Flaherty, Forrest Wall, Blake Anderson, Blake Anderson, Mike Papi, Connor Joe, Chase Vallot, Jacob Gatewood

Julius Dettrich, Gary Pifer, Jeff Edwards, Paul Speckenbach, Wayne Weinheimer, James Camacho, Jhon Florentino, Jorge Garcia, Roy Moretti, Tony Blasucci, Lars Knepper

Dirk Gibbons, Mickey Mena, Emory Dickerson, Willie Honicutt

Kennard Bibbs, Dustin Biell, Brad Bierley, Jeff Bigler, Ian Bladergroen, Randy Blood, Tom Boyce, London Bradley, Mike Brady

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