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Hello, my name is Alex, hence the first part of my username. The second half - the "autographs" - is there because I enjoy collecting them.

I am a huge fan of the New York Mets, but overall, I just love baseball in general. I began writing articles on Wikipedia way back in May of 2005, with my first article being David Aardsma. I was delighted to find out Baseball Reference had installed a wiki, and I began transferring information I wrote at Wikipedia to here.

Since I have signed up here, I have added a large amount of trivia to various players' pages. I have also uploaded a large amount of images to the site.

To view a list of the baseball player articles I've started at Wikipedia, click here.

Leroy Gass, Jerry Gregory, Dave Masser, Marty Newman, Nestor Velazquez, Ed Keon, Ryan Missler, Phil Shartzer

Colton Turner, Trent Daniel, Gabriel Arias, Chad Rogers, Ryan Tatusko, Daniel Rodriguez, Danny Burawa, Miguel Celestino, Matt Hoffman, Mark Montgomery

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