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Troy, NY

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Troy is located in eastern New York state, on the east bank of the Hudson River, 5 miles north of Albany, NY and 10 miles south-east of Schenectady, NY. Together, these three cities form the Tri-City metropolitan area.

Baseball started early in Troy, with the Troy Victorys already in existence in 1860. In 1861, a team from Troy and a team from nearby Lansingburgh, NY, which is now part of the city, merged to form the Unions. The Unions played before the Civil War and then were highly successful after the war.

Troy not only fielded a team in 1871 in the National Association, but before playing against Association teams it contested against another Troy team, the Putnams. A team from Lansingburgh played ball in 1878 and became the Troy National League entry in 1879. Main source: When Troy was a Major League City


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