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Triple-A Classic

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The Triple-A Classic was a postseason series between the winners of the American Association and International League that began after the 1988 season and ended after the 1991 season. The difference between the Classic and the Junior World Series was that the AA and IL played an interlocking regular season schedule, known as the Triple-A Alliance.

After the dissolution of the Alliance, there would not be another Triple-A championship series until the resumption of the Triple-A World Series in 1998.

[edit] Results

Year Winner (League) Results Loser (League)
1988 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 4-2 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1989 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 4-0 Richmond Braves (IL)
1990 Omaha Royals (AA) 4-1 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1991 Denver Zephyrs (AA) 4-1 Columbus Clippers (IL)

[edit] References

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