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What a great game!!! The last in 1981 NL season (prior to WS).

In Mexico, the whole country paralyzed every time Fernando pitched, so imagine that Fernando was to throw the last last and decisive game of the season.

The game should have been played on sunday, but because of wheather, started monday morning.... at a time when everybody would be at work, and being Fernando a 20 year-old boy used to extremely warm places.

Fernando started slow; earned a run in the 1st provoking bullpen to warm up.

However, Fernando then put zero after zero, while all TVs in the Mexico, including those in the windows of stores, with a mini-crowd in each, watching how Fernando retiring expo after expo. Meanwhile, with a run-batted-in by Fernando, Dodgers tied the game in the 5th.

Fernando continued with K´s and zero after zero all the way to the 8th.

Then the dramatic 9th inning: The Expos bring their star of stars to pitch, but he receives a solo home run; the no-brainer choice for the Dodgers should have been to bring a reliever to close the game, but being Fernando in every TV screen in the whole Mexico AND ALSO IN THE THE WHOLE LA!! Lasorda decided to allow him continue in the game for the low 9th.

Fernando made 2 straight outs, but walked first to his should-be last opponent, and again to the next, until Lasorda did bring a reliever, Bob Welch, who made a single throw appearance to save the game

Imagine: would you allow a 20 year old rookie to play the last last game of a season??

Would you allow a young boy, used to extremely hot places, to pitch in the Canada cold??

Would you allow him, with the game tied, to come to bat in the 7th?

Would you allow him, with a one-run advantage, to come to close the 9th??

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