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Can someone clear up an inconsistency for me? In most histories of the Phillies, you see some mention that in the 1909 season, the Phillies set the dubious record of most mid-season off-days when they were rained out of August 19, 1909 for the tenth straight day.

I was going to mention that is the "article", but in fact checking, every source I looked at had them playing games in the Aug. 10-19 period.

Retrosheet, for example, has the Phils playing doubleheaders on Aug. 12, 18, and 19, and single games on the 13 and 14 (leaving only a three day gap between the 14 and 18.)

Baseball Library even contains the notation that Aug. 19 was the tenth rainout for the Phils, but then has them beating the Giants, 1-0, and losing both ends of a double header the previous day.

If the games were played, what is this talk about 10 consecutive rain outs?

If the games were rained out, why are they listed in the day-to-day scores?

If they were rained out and then made up (and then where incorrectly listed for the day they were scheduled, rather than the day they were played), when was there even a to even make up the ten games? There were only 6 weeks left in the season, and I could ten regularly scheduled doubleheaders after Aug. 11, with only a handful of off days.

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