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There have been various baseball loops that have used the name Southeastern League. The first such league played in 1897 and included cities from the souther Appalachians. The next league to use the name operated as a class D league from 1910-1912.

From 1926-1930 the Southeastern League operated as a class B loop. The circuit went out of operation for the 1931 season, reformed briefly in 1932, before collapsing on May 23rd of that year.

From 1937-1950 the Southeastern League was revived once more, this time with several major-league affiliations. In 1942 Gadsden and Selma suspended operations. World War II shut down the league as it did many of the other lower minor leagues in 1943. The Southeastern was re-formed after the War and ran from 1946 through 1950. Gadsden and Selma were back, but Mobile was replaced by Vicksburg. An 8-team circuit (except in 1942), it was the largest and perhaps most stable rendition of the Southeastern to date. 5 cities ran the whole time, while 2 others missed only one extra year before the war. As with the prior edition, it was classified as a B league.

An independent Southeastern League was founded in 2002 after the All-American Association collapsed. The league lost teams and money in its first season and there were issues about players being paid on time. Similar problems continued in 2003 then the league folded early in 2004.


[edit] League Champions

Year Champion
1926 Columbus Foxes
1927 Jacksonville Tars
1928 Montgomery Lions
1929 Montgomery Lions
1930 Selma Cloverleafs
1932 Disbanded May 21
1937 Mobile Shippers
1938 Mobile Shippers
1939 Pensacola Pilots
1940 Jackson Senators
1941 Mobile Shippers
1942 Montgomery Rebels
1946 Anniston Rams
1947 Montgomery Rebels
1948 Montgomery Rebels
1949 Pensacola Pilots
1950 Pensacola Pilots

[edit] Cities Represented

[edit] 1897

President: Judge J.G. Bloodworth

[edit] 1910-1912 (class D)

  • Presidents
J.H. O'Neill 1910-1911
H.W. Roberts 1912

[edit] 1926-1932 (class B)

  • Presidents
Cliff Green 1926-1930
Roy Williams 1932

[edit] 1937-1950 (class B)

  • Presidents
Maurice I. Boch 1937
Stuart X. Stephenson 1938-1941
Pat Moulton 1942
Stuart X. Stephenson 1946-1950

[edit] 2002-2003 (Independent)

[edit] Hall of Fame Alumni

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