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Mike Everitt

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Mike G. Everitt

Mike Everitt began his professional umpiring career in the 1987 Gulf Coast League. He moved up to the Midwest League (1988, 1990-1991), Eastern League (1992), Texas League (1993-1994), Venezuelan Winter League (1994-1995) and Pacific Coast League (1995-1999). On July 22, 1996, as a fill-in in the majors, he mistakenly gave Jim Thome a walk on three balls by losing track of the count.

He joined the MLB staff in 1999. He worked Kevin Millwood's no-hitter in 2003, the 2006 All-Star Game, 2007 World Series and 2009 World Series.

As a teenager, Everitt won a couple New Mexico state trumpet competitions.

Main Source: 2009 MLB Umpire Media Guide

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