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Michel Abreu

The 2001-2002 Cuban season featured the only championship to date by Holguín in the Cuban Serie Nacional. Home run leader Michel Abreu (pictured) won the MVP while Kendry Morales won Rookie of the Year after setting several rookie marks. Pedro Luis Lazo led in wins, Osmani Urrutia in average and José Contreras in ERA. The Súper Liga was played for the first time and was dominated by Frederich Cepeda offensively while Maels Rodríguez threw what would be the only no-hitter in Súper Liga history. The four star infielders of the Cuban national team of the 1980s and 1990s all played their final season.

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Gigantes del Cibao

Today in Baseball

January 26: Today's featured birthday is that of Joe Pettini, who turns 60.
  • 1895 - After the 1894 season had been the highest-scoring in Major League Baseball history, plans are discussed to revert to the pre-1893 pitching distance of 50'. These plans are not passed and the 60' 6" distance remains the standard today.
  • 1930 - Buzz Arlett is sold to the Philadelphia Phillies by the Oakland Oaks. One of the greatest minor-league hitters ever, Arlett has a very good year in Philadelphia but never plays again in the majors, returning to star in the minors.
  • 1951 - Mel Ott (pictured) and Jimmie Foxx are voted into the Hall of Fame.
  • 1965 - In the highest rated television program of the year in Japan, Shigeo Nagashima marries Akiko Nishimura.
  • 1989 - The balk rule is changed to its pre-1988 version due to a public outcry over the "year of the balk" that had just taken place.

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