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Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach
1991 83-58 3rd Roy Majtyka Lost in 1st round Glenn Hubbard & Brian Snitker Matt West
1992 58-81 13th Brian Snitker Glenn Hubbard Larry Jaster
1993 74-67 6th Randy Ingle Joe Szekely Larry Jaster
1994 73-64 5th Leon Roberts Glenn Hubbard Larry Jaster
1995 71-70 9th Nelson Norman Dave Hilton Larry Jaster
1996 61-79 11th Paul Runge Wallace Johnson Mark Ross
1997 80-60 1st Brian Snitker Lost in 2nd round
1998 69-72 8th Brian Snitker Lost in 1st round Glenn Hubbard
1999 74-64 4th Jeff Treadway Lost in 1st round Tommy Gregg Kent Willis
2000 69-70 7th Jeff Treadway Tommy Gregg Kent Willis
2001 72-61 6th Randy Ingle Bobby Moore Kent Willis
2002 66-74 10th (t) Lynn Jones Bobby Moore Kent Willis