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Joseph Henry West
(Cowboy Joe, Country Joe)

Biographical Information[edit]

Joe West is a noted umpire who began his career in the National League. After a star career as a college quarterback, West made his major league umpiring debut on September 13, 1976 after just three minor league seasons. In 1981, he became the youngest umpire to work a League Championship Series. It was the first of many postseason appearances for West.

In the 1990s, West created somewhat of a firestorm after he ejected Von Hayes from a game after Hayes criticized the home plate umpire to the first base coach. He has a reputation for having a fiery temper and has been criticized many times for showing up players and managers and for escalating budding confrontations. His critics allege that he likes too much to be the center of attention.

West lost his job in 1999 in the ill-advised resignation of many umpires. He returned to the field in 2002, with back pay for the missed seasons, after a court ruling.

West's career came full circle when he worked the plate for the first game of the 2005 World Series. The twenty-eight year veteran was also named crew chief for the Series. He had previously worked the 1992 and 1997 Fall Classics, and returned again in 2009 and 2012.

On September 14, 2014 he ejected Philadelphia Phillies reliever Jonathan Papelbon from a game after Papelbon had made an inappropriate gesture towards the crowd that was booing him. Papelbon was suspended for seven games, but West also received a one-game suspension from the Commissioner's office, as he had inflamed a tense situation by grabbing the pitcher's jersey. Papelbon had stated that the two had had a history of run-ins and that the umpire had allowed his personal feelings get in the way of his professional judgment, an allegation which the Commissioner's sentence confirmed to an extent.

He patented a type of chest protector that was later adopted by most MLB umpires. Additionally he writes country music and once sang at the Grand Ole Opry.

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