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The International League Hall of Fame honors the best players, managers and executives from the International League. The hall began in 1947 and ran with yearly elections until 1963. The selections for the Hall of Fame were made by the International League Baseball Writers Association. After the 1963 election the voting went dormant for unknown reasons.

Following the death of Rocky Nelson in 2006 there were no living members of the Hall of Fame. The International League directors took this time to re-establish the Hall of Fame. A four year plan was put into place that would work to make up for lost time by allowing for the election of up to 51 new members by 2010. In 2011 the annual voting will return to the 3 inductees a year rule used in the Hall's early days. The Hall currently has no permanent home but exists as a traveling display which visits a number of the leagues stadiums each season.


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