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The Hoofdklasse Honkbal, Dutch for Major League Baseball, is the highest level of professional baseball in the Netherlands and is overseen by the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Federation. It is an eight team league that plays a 42-game schedule played mostly on weekends, with the season running from April to September. At the end of the season the top four teams qualify for the playoffs which culminates in the Holland Series. Both of the playoff rounds are best-of-five. The league follows a promotion and relegation system with the Eerste Klasse (First Division) in which the last place Hoofdklasse team plays the Eerste Klasse champion. Many of the official team nicknames contain the name of the club's corporate sponsor.


[edit] Current Teams

The eight teams that will play in the top level of baseball in the Netherlands in 2010 are:

Franchise Official Team Name City Stadium
ADO ADO Den Haag Leen Volkerijk Stadion
Amsterdam Pirates Amsterdam Pirates Amsterdam Sportpark Ookmeer
Honkbal Club Kinheim Corendon Kinheim Haarlem Pim Mulier Stadium
SC Neptunus DOOR Neptunus Rotterdam Neptunus Familie Stadion
B.S.C. Almere'90 Instant Holland A90 Almere Fanny Blankers Koen Sportpark
Hoofddorp Pioniers Konica Minolta Pioniers Hoofddorp Sportpark Toolenburg
HCAW Mr. Cocker HCAW Bussum Sportvalley
Sparta/Feyenoord Sparta/Feyenoord Rotterdam Sportpark Beverwaard

Head coaches for 2013:

New in 2013 - Dordrecht Hawks - Martin van Zeist (replaced by Dino Anasagasti for 2014)

[edit] List of Holland Champions

(Holland Series instituted at this point)

[edit] Famous Players

[edit] MVP (AKA Balink Award)

[edit] Pitcher of the Year

[edit] External Links

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