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Hilda Chester

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Hilda Chester
(The Queen of the Bleachers, Howling Hilda)

[edit] Biographical Information

Hilda Chester is possibly the most famous fan in baseball history. Sitting the bleachers of Ebbets Field beginning in the 1920s, Chester yelled from the stands at players. She gained notice as a large woman in a flower-patterned dress who berated the players in her Brooklyn accent. Soon, writers were giving her passes and she was a regular in the outfield.

In the 1930s, Chester was hired by Harry Stevens to bag peanuts before games, thus giving her free admission once the peanuts were broken down from the larger bags.

After a heart attack, Chester was the first to use a brass cowbell to cheer on her team. When she had a second heart attack, Leo Durocher personally visited her in the hospital.

When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, CA Chester moved her allegiance from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the New York Yankees, but it was not the same, not for Hilda and not for Brooklyn. "Howling Hilda" will always be remembered as the Dodgers greatest fan. She was also a passionate New York Rangers fan.

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