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The Gulf Coast Phillies, also known as the GCL Phillies, are a rookie-level affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. The team plays in the North division of the Gulf Coast League. The Phillies play at Carpenter Complex in Clearwater, FL.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach
1984 27-36 9th Roly de Armas
1999 26-34 11th Ramon Aviles
2000 31-29 8th Ramon Aviles Jim Morrison
2001 31-29 7th Roly de Armas
2002 39-21 1st Ruben Amaro League Champs
2003 23-33 12th Ruben Amaro
2004 36-24 2nd (t) Roly de Armas
2005 24-27 6th Jim Morrison
2006 18-31 12th Jim Morrison
2007 28-32 9th (t) Roly de Armas
2008 33-25 4th Roly de Armas League Champs
2009 31-28 6th Roly de Armas
2010 32-24 2nd Roly de Armas League Champs
2011 27-32 9th (t) Roly de Armas Carlos Arroyo
2012 28-30 8th Roly de Armas Steve Schrenk
2013 30-30 6th (t) Roly de Armas Rafael Delima Steve Schrenk
2014 36-23 3rd Roly de Armas Rafael Delima Steve Schrenk
2015 36-24 4th Roly de Armas Rafael Delima Brian Sweeney
2016 43-15 1st Roly de Armas Lost League Finals Rafael Delima & Eddie Dennis Hector Mercado

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