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Four-Decade Players

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They're the kings of durability: players who appeared in four different calendar decades. Many of these guys are Hall of Famers, but some are just better-than-average players who worked hard and stayed healthy for a very long time.

Remarkably, out of the 32 players on the list, four -- Dempsey, Fisk, McCarver, and Nomura -- got there despite playing what is arguably the most physically demanding position on the field; catcher.

Minnie Minoso and Nick Altrock are the only players to appear in five different decades.


[edit] 1980s-2010s

[edit] 1970s-2000s

[edit] 1960s-1990s

[edit] 1950s-1980s

[edit] 1940s-1970s

[edit] 1930s-1960s

[edit] 1920s-1950s

[edit] 1910s-1940s


[edit] 1900s-1930s

[edit] 1890s-1920s

[edit] 1880s-1910s

[edit] 1870s-1900s

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