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Collective bargaining agreement

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The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or Basic Agrement is the agreement between the Major League Baseball Players Association and Major League Baseball describing the rules of employment and the financial structure of the game. A copy of the current CBA can be downloaded from the Players Association web site [1]. The first Basic Agreement was signed on February 21, 1968.

The most recent Agreement was finalized on November 22, 2011 and will last until December 1, 2016. New provisions include testing for human growth hormone, in addition to the existing testing for PEDs, the move to two 15-team leagues beginning in 2013, provisions for an additional layer of playoffs with one additional playoff team in each league, expansion in the use of instant replay and changes to the amateur draft with a view towards implementing a worldwide draft in 2014. Like its predecessors in 2006 and 2002, the agreement was negotiated under the auspices of Commissioner Bud Selig without a labor stoppage; this was particularly relevant as the National Basketball Association was in the middle of a prolonged lock-out at the time the agreement was announced. Even better, negotiations did not need to extend to the last minute and were conducted in a spirit of cooperation reflecting Major League Baseball's good financial health.

[edit] Further Reading

  • William B. Gould IV: Bargaining with Baseball: Labor Relations in an Age of Prosperous Turmoil, McFarland, Jefferson, NC, 2011.

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