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Home of Houston Astros, 1965 to 1999

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The Astrodome helped usher in the era of cookie-cutter astroturf baseball stadiums of the 1970s. But it was also the first indoor, air-conditioned baseball stadium and saved local baseball fans from the brutal Houston summers and the more-brutal Houston mosquitoes. It was dubbed the eighth wonder of the world when it opened and was originally designed to have a natural grass field. However, the clear roof pannels that let in the sunlight were making it next to impossible for outfielders to track the flight of the ball. The pannels were painted, but in turn the grass died and had to be replaced by the first artificial turf surface ever used in Major League Baseball.

The Astrodome was notoriously favorable to pitchers, as a batted ball did not travel well in the air-conditioned environment.

In September 2005, the Astrodome became a shelter for those evacuated from New Orleans, LA due to Hurricane Katrina.

Demolition of the now unused facility began on December 8, 2013, as the building was imploded, beginning with its exterior ramps. Contrary to the Seattle Kingdome, the second domed stadium to be used in the majors, the demolition process was gradual, and not subject to one large cathartic explosion.

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