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2006 Postseason

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2006 Postseason

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NL Division Series (3-0) Mets (NLE) over Dodgers (WC)

NL Division Series (3-1) Cardinals (NLC) over Padres (NLW)

NL Championship Series (4-3) Cardinals over Mets

World Series (4-1) Cardinals over Tigers

AL Championship Series (4-0) Tigers over Athletics

AL Division Series (3-1) Tigers (WC) over Yankees (ALE)

AL Division Series (3-0) Athletics (ALW) over Twins (ALC)

[edit] Summary

The Tigers and Cardinals entered the 2006 season on vastly different planes. The Cardinals were the epitome of "so close, yet so far", appearing in the playoffs numerous times in recent seasons, but never quite finishing the job. The Tigers were never uttered in the same sentence as the World Series, the organization was still only three seasons removed from losing 119 games. When the air cooled and October settled in, these two historic franchises went toe to toe. The Cardinals won in five games, ending the Tigers magical run.

The AL bracket included a strong Yankees club that pounded its way to 97 wins, the always feisty Twins, and Billy Beane's Athletics. The Dodgers and Mets reached the NL playoffs, joining the Padres who reached the postseason for a second consecutive season. The Cardinals made waste of the Padres and took out the Mets in seven games.

[edit] Series Summaries

[edit] American League

[edit] ALDS: Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees

Main article: 2006 ALDS1

[edit] ALDS: Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins

Main article: 2006 ALDS2

[edit] ALCS: Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics

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[edit] National League

[edit] NLDS: New York Mets vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Main article: 2006 NLDS1

[edit] NLDS: St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres

Main article: 2006 NLDS2

[edit] NLCS: St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets

Main article: 2006 NLCS

[edit] World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers

Main article: 2006 World Series

[edit] NL Team Stats

Mets 97-65 Willie Randolph .264 200 834 4.14 1.32 731
Padres 88-74 Bruce Bochy .263 161 731 3.87 1.27 679
Cardinals 83-78 Tony LaRussa .269 184 781 4.54 1.38 762
Dodgers 88-74 Grady Little .276 153 820 4.23 1.38 751

[edit] AL Team Stats

Yankees 97-65 Joe Torre .285 210 930 4.41 1.36 767
Twins 96-66 Ron Gardenhire .287 143 801 3.95 1.28 683
Athletics 93-69 Ken Macha .260 175 771 4.21 1.41 727
Tigers 95-67 Jim Leyland .274 203 822 3.84 1.32 675
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