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1998 Amateur Draft

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[edit] 1998 First Round Picks

Pick Team Player Position School (Type) Hometown Notes
1 Philadelphia Phillies Pat Burrell 1B University of Miami (Col.) Eureka Springs, AR
2 Oakland Athletics Mark Mulder LHP Michigan State University (Col.) South Holland, IL
3 Chicago Cubs Corey Patterson OF Harrison High School (HS) Kennesaw, GA
4 Kansas City Royals Jeff Austin RHP Stanford University (Col.) San Bernardino, CA
5 St. Louis Cardinals J.D. Drew OF Northern League (IND) Valdosta, GA
6 Minnesota Twins Ryan Mills LHP Arizona State University (Col.) [[]]
7 Cincinnati Reds Austin Kearns RF Lafayette High School (Lexington) (HS) Lexington, KY
8 Toronto Blue Jays Felipe Lopez SS Lake Brantley High School (HS) Altamonte Springs, FL
9 San Diego Padres Sean Burroughs 3B Wilson High School (Long Beach) (HS) Long Beach, CA
10 Texas Rangers Carlos Pena 1B Northeastern University (Col.) Santo Domingo, DR
11 Montreal Expos Josh McKinley SS Malvern Prep High School (HS) Dowingtown, PA
12 Boston Red Sox Adam Everett SS University of South Carolina (Col.) [[]]
13 Milwaukee Brewers J.M. Gold RHP Toms River North High School (HS) Toms River, NJ
14 Detroit Tigers Jeff Weaver RHP Fresno State University (Col.) Northridge, CA
15 Pittsburgh Pirates Clint Johnston LHP Vanderbilt University (Col.) [[]]
16 Chicago White Sox Kip Wells RHP Baylor University (Col.) [[]]
17 Houston Astros Brad Lidge RHP University of Notre Dame (Col.) Sacramento, CA Compensation from Colorado Rockies for Darryl Kile
18 Anaheim Angels Seth Etherton RHP University of Southern California (Col.) Laguna Beach, CA
19 San Francisco Giants Tony Torcato 3B Woodland High School (HS) Woodland, CA Compensation from Houston Astros for Doug Henry
20 Cleveland Indians C.C. Sabathia LHP Vallejo High School (HS) Vallejo, CA
21 New York Mets Jason Tyner CF Texas A&M University (Col.) Beaumont, TX
22 Seattle Mariners Matt Thornton LHP Grand Valley State University (Col.) [[]]
23 Los Angeles Dodgers Bubba Crosby CF Rice University (Col.) Houston, TX
24 New York Yankees Andy Brown OF Richmond (IN) High School (HS) Richmond, IN
25 San Francisco Giants Nate Bump RHP Penn State University (Col.) [[]]
26 Baltimore Orioles Rick Elder OF Sprayberry High School (HS) Marietta, GA
27 Florida Marlins Chip Ambres OF West Brook High School (HS) Beaumont, TX
28 Colorado Rockies Matt Roney RHP Edmond North High School (HS) Edmond, OK Compensation from Atlanta Braves for Andres Galarraga
29 San Francisco Giants Arturo McDowell OF Forest Hill High School (Jackson) (HS) Jackson, MS Compensation from Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Roberto Hernández
30 Kansas City Royals Matt Burch RHP Virginia Commonwealth University (Col.) [[]] Compensation from Arizona Diamondbacks for Jay Bell

[edit] Supplemental First Round

Pick Team Player Position School (Type) Hometown Notes
31 Kansas City Royals Chris George P Klein High School (HS) Klein, TX Compensation for Jay Bell
32 St. Louis Cardinals Ben Diggins P Bradshaw Mountain High School (HS) Prescott Valley, AZ Compensation for Dennis Eckersley
33 Montreal Expos Brad Wilkerson OF University of Florida (Col.) [[]] Compensation for Darrin Fletcher
34 Detroit Tigers Nate Cornejo P Wellington High School (HS) Wellington, KS Compensation for Willie Blair
35 Chicago White Sox Aaron Rowand OF California State University, Fullerton (Col.) [[]] Compensation for Dave Martinez
36 Colorado Rockies Choo Freeman OF Dallas Christian High School (Col.) Mesquite, TX Compensation for Andres Galarraga
37 Houston Astros Mike Nannini P Green Valley High School (HS) Henderson, NV Compensation for Darryl Kile
38 San Francisco Giants Chris Jones P South Mecklenburg High School (HS) Charlotte, NC Compensation for Roberto Hernandez
39 Baltimore Orioles Mamon Tucker OF Stephen F. Austin High School (HS) Austin, TX Compensation for Randy Myers
40 Colorado Rockies Jeff Winchester C Archbishop Rummel High School (HS) Metairie, LA Compensation for Walt Weiss
41 San Francisco Giants Jeff Urban P Ball State University (Col.) [[]] Compensation for Wilson Alvarez
42 Philadelphia Phillies Eric Valent OF UCLA (Col.) [[]] Compensation for failure to sign 1997 pick J.D. Drew
43 New York Yankees Mark Prior P University City High School (HS) Bonita, CA Did not sign/Compensation for failure to sign 1997 pick Tyrell Godwin

[edit] Other Notable Selections

Adam Dunn (2nd round); Chad Hutchinson (2nd round); Bill Hall (6th round); Juan Pierre (13th round); Mark Buehrle (38th round)

[edit] Draft Notes

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