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1981 Split Season Schedule

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A meeting was held in Chicago six-days after the strike ended to figure out the scheduling logistics. In his autobiography, Bowie Kuhn says that initially, 15 teams favored the idea of a split season, five favored picking up the season where they had left off, four had their own systems to propose, and two were undecided. The benefit of the split season, according to Kuhn, was that "it put some marketing spice into the balance of the schedule," as well as adding an extra round of playoffs. When the matter was put to a vote, it carried easily. Among the "nay" voters were Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Baltimore -- all of whom had had a strong first half, and all of whom ended up out of the expanded playoffs even though the Cardinals and Reds finished with the best overall records in their divisions. Kuhn concluded: "notwithstanding criticism of the split season, the fans supported it with good attendance through Labor Day and record attendance thereafter."

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