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The Baseball Reference Player Folio on your E-Reader

Posted by Sean Forman on January 12, 2010

Working with John Burnson of (Heater Magazine), we are pleased to make available The Baseball Reference Player Folio. This is a set of five pdf files specifically formatted to work on your Amazon Kindle.

We are currently offering these files as a free downloads. The files are built using the data in the, and while we have made every effort to make sure there are no errors, on a project of this size, errors can and do occur. Also, these files have only been tested on the Kindle, but we expect they will work on other platforms as well. To read PDF's on a Kindle, you must have a Kindle 2.or Kindle DX. You must also have version 2.3 of the firmware. You can read more about upgrading your firmware at this link:

There are three sets of files. To save to your desktop right click on the link and select "Save Target As.."

Complete Encyclopedia

A to G (pdf, 43MB)
H to O (pdf, 39MB)
P to Z (pdf, 38MB)

2009 Players
2009 Players (pdf, 9.4MB)

All-Time Greats
A collection of the best players in baseball history: All-Time Greats

Download and Enjoy!