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Jamie Moyer needs Tommy John surgery, plans to play in 2012

30th November 2010

The Phillies have announced that Jamie Moyer needs Tommy John surgery and therefore will not pitch in 2011. (I know, I know...join me in a collective groan.)

Happily, though, Moyer plans to rehab and pitch in 2012. He'll be about 49 and a half on opening day that year.

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30th November 2010

Beloved Tino debuts on Hall of Fame ballot | News. is running full profiles on the top candidates for the HOF (like Tino Martinez) and then lumping "fringe" candidates together (like Kevin Brown and John Olerud).

Kevin Brown and John Olerud are both essentially twice the player that Tino Martinez was. No plausible HOF case can be made for Martinez, but Olerud and Brown are both better than perennial candidates like Jim Rice and Jack Morris.

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30th November 2010

Just a friendly reminder that you can follow us at your favorite social media sites:

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Most hits, homers, strikeouts, etc, first 10 seasons: Ichiro, Pujols, and Dunn

29th November 2010

Here's more stuff from reader Joseph T. about numerous records set in the 2010 season for totals in the first 10 years of a playing career.

Ichiro Suzki, Albert Pujols, and Adam Dunn all broke into the (North American) major leagues in 2001, making 2010 their 10th season in the bigs. Unsurprisingly, they show up a lot on the following lists.

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Bloops: Justice John Paul Stevens on Ruth’s Called Shot

29th November 2010

Via - On last night's 60 Minutes, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens offered his "final ruling" on what happened during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series, a game he was present at when Babe Ruth supposedly called his shot before homering in the 5th inning:

Stevens says there's "no doubt" Ruth called the shot.

Then again, that's just one man's opinion, even if he was on the Supreme Court bench. As the TV Squad post notes,

"Ruth's called shot wasn't televised, but a pair of home movies recorded by other spectators at the game suggest Ruth may have really been pointing at the pitcher, or at the opposing team's bench. Much like the Supreme Court rulings, a unanimous verdict is hard to come by."

(Hat Tip: Our own Andy K.)

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Javier Vazquez & Little Potato

28th November 2010

Playing around, and looking at post-1946 pitchers stats through year where they were age 35, where their career ERA+ during that time was between 100 and 106, and they had at least 2,600 IP but not more than 3,000 IP, and their K/BB ratio was at least 2.0, I found this pairing...

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Strong & Deep Bullpens

27th November 2010

How many teams have featured three plus pitchers in the same season to have thrown in 50+ games with an ERA+ of at least 130 while also collecting at least 60 Ks?

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All-Thanksgiving team

27th November 2010

Reader Kahuna Tuna put together this fantastic post on the best players born on Thanksgiving Day, which is a challenge since the date varies from year to year.

Starting position players:

C: Mike Scioscia (11/27/1958)

1B: Freddy Leach (11/23/1897) (played far more games as an outfielder, but there’s no full-time 1B)

2B: José López (11/24/1983)

3B: Scott Sheldon (11/25/1968) (more of a supersub, but there’s no full-time 3B)

SS: Billy Rogell (11/24/1904)

OF: Ricky Ledee (11/22/1973)

OF: Eddie Collins Jr. (11/23/1916)

OF: Lynn King (11/28/1907)

Backup catchers (lots of them born on Thanksgiving): Tim Laker (11/27/1969), Bob Finley (11/25/1915), Bubber Jonnard (11/23/1897) and Pius Schwert (11/22/1892)

Backup infielders: Roxey Roach (2B/SS — 11/28/1882), Dan Minnehan (3B — 11/28/1865). Overall, it’s a very versatile crew: López and Sheldon can play any infield position, Laker plays some 1B, and Rogell can handle 2B or 3B if needed

Leach, Sheldon, Roach, Minnehan and Pat Rooney (11/28/1957) will be the backup outfielders

Slash stats for the position players: .266/.328/.382/.710. No position player hit more than 80 career homers (López’s current total). Leach’s 102 career OPS+ is the best of the bunch, with Scioscia at 99, Ledee at 91, López at 86, Rogell at 84, Sheldon at 65, Collins at 61 and King at (shudder) 45. Runs will be hard to come by. Their GM will want to trade a pitcher for a first baseman with some punch.

The key man in the starting rotation is a Hall of Famer:

Starting pitchers: Lefty Gomez (11/26/1908), Mike Moore (11/26/1959), Pedro Astacio (11/28/1968), Benn Karr (11/28/1893)

Relief pitchers: Claude Jonnard (11/23/1897), Randy Veres (11/25/1965), Denny Riddleberger (11/22/1945), Marty O’Toole (11/27/1888), Yusmeiro Petit (11/22/1984), Terry Burrows (11/28/1968). Riddleberger and Burrows are the LOOGYs.

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Pitchers With 4+ Wins In A Single Post-Season

26th November 2010

Tim Lincecum this season brought the list to fifteen.

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Yankees WAR Leaders Since 1996

24th November 2010

How many players have posted 5+ WAR for the Yankees since 1996?

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