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Archive for April, 2008

Most walks in a no-hitter

Posted by Andy on April 5, 2008

At the moment, Dontrelle Willis has allowed no hits and 7 walks in his start. Here are the leaders for most walks allowed in a no-hitter:

Jim Maloney leads the list with 10 walks.

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Roger Erickson 1978

Posted by Steve Lombardi on April 4, 2008

Did you know that Roger Erickson, in 1978, pitched in 37 games and allowed at least one earned run in every one of those games?  It's true.  And, it's the record, for most games in a row, starting at the start of a season, where a pitcher allowed at least one ER (per game) - since 1956.  Thanks Play Index.

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Posted by Andy on April 4, 2008

This is off-site and a bit off-topic, but very interesting nonetheless:

It's some fascinating data. Who has a theory?

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Room 222

Posted by Steve Lombardi on April 3, 2008

File this under: Silly but fun things that you can do with’s Play Index (Pitching Event Finder), Excel, and a few minutes time.  (In addition to: Shameless cross promotion not so cleverly hidden in a PI example...)

In the Yankees game last night, Mike Mussina and La Troy Hawkins both allowed hits on an 0-2 count.

This had me wondering: How many 0-2 hits have Yankees pitchers allowed since I started writing (on April 20, 2005)?

Here’s the answer: 222 hits allowed on 0-2 counts.

Randy Johnson allowed 35 such hits and Mike Mussina, including last night, has allowed 30 (in this time).

Click here to see the entire list of 222 hits allowed.

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Most Opening Days with a Hit – Baseball-Reference PI

Posted by Sean Forman on April 2, 2008

Most Opening Days with a Hit - Baseball-Reference PI

With the 2008 opening days safely into the books, we've compiled a list of the players with the most opening days with hits. This is from the batting gamelog finder. Set the criteria to H >= 1, the sort by to Players w/ most matching Career and then the team's games in the bottom right column to 1 (= opening day).

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Longest Hitting Streaks against the Yankees 1956-2008

Posted by Raphy on April 1, 2008

Tonight, Alex Rios extended his hitting streak against the Yankees to 21 games. This ties him with Nomar Garciaparra , Paul Molitor and Harold Baines for the longest such streaks since 1956. (The Rios number has not yet been updated.)

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News flash: Victor Martinez is good

Posted by Andy on April 1, 2008

With Martinez getting injured for the Indians yesterday, I looked him up. I was amazed to see that he's topped 250 total bases each of the last 3 years.

What's more surprising is the list of all catchers to top 250 in any of those 3 years:

                   From  To   Ages Seasons Link to Individual Seasons
 Victor Martinez   2005 2007 26-28       3 Ind. Seasons                   
 Jorge Posada      2007 2007 35-35       1 Ind. Seasons                   
 Russell Martin    2007 2007 24-24       1 Ind. Seasons                   
 Brian McCann      2006 2006 22-22       1 Ind. Seasons                   
 Joe Mauer         2006 2006 23-23       1 Ind. Seasons   

Martinez has done it almost as many times himself as all other catchers combined. Not too shabby.

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Worst White Sox Opening Days

Posted by Chris J. on April 1, 2008

Yesterday, Mark Buehrle had a miserable start to the season.  Cleveland tagged him for 7 runs (all earned) off of 7 hits and a walk in 1.2 IP.  (In his defense, half the outs were strikeouts).  That's a lousy game score of 13.

Is that the worst game score a Sox Opening Day starter has had since 1956?

Nope.  It was second worst.  The only worse performance in terms of game score came . . . . last year.  D'OH!  

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