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B-R Blog: About oWAR and dWAR and responding in a timely manner

Posted by Sean Forman on January 25, 2011

Reader mail of the day: fielding WAR for DH?  THE BOOK--Playing The Percentages In Baseball

I'm a busy guy, so I don't always read all of the blogs out there that you might think I do.  

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My Biggest Pet Peeve

Posted by Sean Forman on February 15, 2010

You can file this under whining (on my part), with a capital W, but if you use one of our sites extensively for an article or blog post, please put a link to the site or the pages used. I've recently seen some articles where an author does 100% of their research on and then for whatever reason links all of the player names to another site, and when they say in the article they used B-R it isn't even a link. Come on! Take a little, give a little.

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