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Bloops: Baseball in Slow-Motion

Posted by Neil Paine on May 5, 2011

If you haven't seen this guy's YouTube channel already, you should check it out:

YouTube - laflippin's Channel

He basically takes a Casio EX-F1 camera to games and films batters and pitchers' mechanics at 300 fps. For instance, here's a behind-the-plate view of Adrian Gonzalez hitting a HR:

Likewise, here's Tim Lincecum's delivery in slo-mo:

It's pretty awesome to see everything slowed down like that.

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Bloops: Sabermetric Cartoons!

Posted by Neil Paine on March 17, 2011

Curious about the role of luck in pitching statistics? Then prepare yourself for a series of sabermetric cartoons courtesy of DRaysBay's Bradley Woodrum...

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Bloop: Vin Scully’s Thoughts on Tulowitzki’s Mullet

Posted by Neil Paine on August 19, 2010

With a hat tip to Wezen-Ball, here's legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully trying to make sense of Troy Tulowitzki's hairstyle:

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YouTube Finds: Dock Ellis’ Infamous No-Hitter

Posted by Neil Paine on November 13, 2009

On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis of the Pirates pitched a no-hitter. But that's not the most interesting part of what happened that day, because this was no ordinary no-hitter. For one thing, Ellis walked 8 batters and hit another, still one of the wildest performances ever in a no-hitter. And why was he so erratic? Well, we'll let him tell the story:

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Appearance :: Its Your Call with Lynn Doyle (youtube)

Posted by Sean Forman on August 28, 2009

YouTube - Steroids in Sports :: Part 1 :: Its Your Call with Lynn Doyle

I taped a tv appearance on It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle a show that appears on the Comcast Network. The appearance was back in May or April, but it appears it is going to air this weekend or maybe last weekend. Unclear. I linked part I above. Here are Part II and Part III. Other than nodding my head like a broken bobblehead, I thought it went ok. I did come off a little glib at the end and that wasn't my intention. My main point is that baseball would be better without steroids, but I don't agree with the hysteria and scarlet letters handed out around their use.

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Player and Team Gamelogs Video Tutorial –

Posted by Sean Forman on September 20, 2007

Player and Team Gamelogs Video Tutorial -

I just put the finishing touches on an 8-minute video highlighting all of the features we've packed into the gamelogs for players and teams, batting and pitching.  I hope you'll agree with me that we have the best gamelogs in the business.  And if you don't, please tell me what I can do to improve them.

The voice is yours truly.  Not much of a future in radio, and the video capture and editing is done using Camtasia which is a fantastic tool for creating video screen captures and demo videos.  Really top notch.

We also have a tutorial for the box scores in the main video area.  Next up is splits and then the various finder tools.

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