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Most Double Plays Grounded Into, NL Team

14th July 2007

This is something minor, but it is an example of a new feature that you can do at b-ref.  If you want to find out which team in a league has hit into the most GIDP, go the the league splits page, and at the top of the page click on the red text where it says "total."  Total team offensive stats for 26 different categories will pop up, including some that have never been on the league main page.  Doing so, you can get how NL teams are ranked at GIDP, or BABIP, or Times Reached on Error, or whatever.

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Any Team Split is Now Sortable via the League Splits

10th July 2007

2007 AL Team Splits: as Reliever Sorted by PA - Baseball-Reference PI

This is a new feature that was just added to the league splits. When you go to a league split, you can now click on the split name (note the red text), which will bring up a list of all of the team's results for that split sorted by OPS+ or ERA. Next you can click on any header to sort the results and then click again to sort in ascending order.

I've enabled sharing and saving for these as well.

This goes back to 1957 and is presented as a free preview through next week.

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Rod Beck

24th June 2007

Some very sad news today about the passing of Rod Beck. I never heard or read a single bad thing about him, and he was certainly much too young to pass away. My heart goes out to all people struggling with substance abuse or addiction issues.

In celebration of Rod Beck's life, here are a few tidbits about his career:

Most times striking out an individual player, taken from his PI Event Finder page for strikeouts:

Ken Caminiti 7
Delino DeShields 7
Marquis Grissom 7
Terry Pendleton 7

From his splits page, we can learn that in his career, he limited opposing batters to a .243 BA, .292 OBP, and a .391 SLG, which are some pretty impressive numbers. But he was really money in the clutch. For example, with RISP and 2 outs, those numbers fall to .195 / .286 / .313.

Beck's career apex was 1993 to 1998, and he led all of baseball in saves for that period:

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Rod Beck            232 Ind. Games
 Randy Myers         216 Ind. Games
 John Wetteland      215 Ind. Games
 Trevor Hoffman      188 Ind. Games
 Roberto Hernandez   179 Ind. Games
 Jeff Montgomery     177 Ind. Games
 John Franco         171 Ind. Games
 Rick Aguilera       153 Ind. Games
 Dennis Eckersley    151 Ind. Games
 Robb Nen            148 Ind. Games

For those for of us who never knew Mr. Beck personally, let's at least remember him as this much: one of the dominant closers of the 1990s.

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A-rod’s 9th inning performance

6th June 2007

Through the first third of this season, A-rod has been money in the 9th inning, to the tune of 8 hits in 16 ABs, including 5 HR and a double, with 12 RBIs. (That's a 2.100 OPS if you're scoring at home or even, as Olberman used to say, you're alone.)

But a look at his career numbers in the 9th inning tells us we can expect a big dropoff.

To see the full numbers, hit A-rod's PI page here, scroll down to "By Inning" and then click the red text that says "9th inning."

You can see that his career performance in the 9th inning is a lackluster .253/.334/.471, and that he hit under .200 in the final frame in 1995, 1998, 2002, and 2006.

If the Yankees are to have any chance of getting back in the playoff hunt this year, they need A-rod to stay well above his career norms in the 9th inning.

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