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Productive Gardening

Posted by Raphy on June 30, 2009

On Friday night Brett Gardner of the Yankees went 5 for 6 with a triple and a home run. It was the third game this year in which Gardner has both homered and tripled (thanks to Peter Abraham for opening my eyes to this). His third such game occurred in the Yankees' 73rd game of the season and the 106th game of Gardner's career.

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Baseball’s most exciting play — The Hardball Times

Posted by Sean Forman on June 2, 2009

Baseball’s most exciting play -- The Hardball Times

Nice article using our home run encyclopedia.

When setting up the HR Encyclopedia, I was using pbp data for 1954 on and HR log data pre-1954 (essentially). Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the pbp data was missing a good number of inside-the-park notations, but the HR log had them. This didn't affect everyone, but did affect some players.

So I've had to go back and get those noted appropriately. Dan Wilson was one such player affected and he now has the correct 2 IPHR's for his career. Everybody should be up to snuff tomorrow when the site regenerates. Active guys may still have an incorrect number.

Sorry, Chris.

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