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Card of the Week (and Hall of Fame poll): 1997 Bowman Chrome International Refractors #127 Andruw Jones

8th September 2011

So much to say about this card...

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POLL: Todd Helton and the Hall of Fame

17th May 2011

Todd Helton has played his entire career for the Colorado Rockies, first filling in the outfield in 1997 and eventually taking over at 1B for Andres Galarraga. That makes him only the second full-time first-baseman in Rockies history, and he's held down that position for 14 years.

Helton was overshadowed for a number of years by Larry Walker, another Rockie with an interesting resume worthy of HOF debate. But Helton put up a ton of good numbers in his own right, and his career is definitely worth a long look too.

Some career highlights:

  • Five-time All-Star (in 5 straight years from 2000 to 2004)
  • 3 top-10 MVP finishes
  • Won a batting title in 2000 with a .372 mark
  • Won 3 gold gloves at first base

Jumping in, I want to try to list some pros and cons of Helton's Hall of Fame case, but I'd like to try to avoid numbers that inflated by Coors Field. Here's why:

Home 995 4259 3541 797 1258 288 26 207 759 .355 .452 .627 1.079 2219 120
Away 968 4099 3476 489 1014 248 9 131 498 .292 .392 .481 .873 1673 79
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 5/15/2011.

There's no doubt that Helton's raw numbers have benefited tremendously from playing for the Rockies. Look at the last column above, tOPS, which is a breakout of his overall offensive performance split by home vs. away. That number of 120 has got to be one of the highest all-time for a long-time player like Helton. It's incredible. It's led to 58% more home runs, 52% more RBI, and a whopping 63% more runs scored.

I didn't include the data in the above chart, but here's another interesting thing about Helton's H/A splits. At home, he has 640 walks and 420 strikeouts, a fantastic margin. On the road? He has exactly 566 walks AND strikeouts each (through Saturday's games.) So his big advantage at home in walking over striking out disappears on the road.

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POLL: Nolan Ryan and the Hall of Fame

10th May 2011

On another thread, we debated a bit about Nolan Ryan's career and legacy. I have long felt that some people give Ryan too much credit, but I'm not as sure that he doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame anyway.

When it comes to Ryan's career, there are 3 things that most people think of in terms of his accomplishments:

  • 5,714 career strikeouts, which is first all-time
  • 7 no-hitters
  • 300+ career wins (324 actually, which is 14th all-time)

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Bloops: The Hall of (Peak-Weighted) WAR

18th March 2011

Here's a cool link from Adam Darowski:

Hall of wWAR: The Hall of Fame Re-Populated by Peak-Weighted WAR

It is exactly what it sounds like -- he took our Wins Above Replacement stat, peak-adjusted it by combining regular WAR with "Wins Above Excellence" & "Wins Above MVP", and then repopulated the Hall of Fame using that weighted metric. Here were the members of his Hall:

Aaron, Hank Dawson, Andre Kelly, King Robinson, Jackie
Alexander, Pete Delahanty, Ed Killebrew, Harmon Rose, Pete
Allen, Dick Dickey, Bill King, Silver Rusie, Amos
Alomar, Roberto DiMaggio, Joe Koosman, Jerry Ruth, Babe
Anson, Cap Drysdale, Don Koufax, Sandy Ryan, Nolan
Appier, Kevin Eckersley, Dennis Lajoie, Nap Saberhagen, Bret
Appling, Luke Evans, Darrell Larkin, Barry Sandberg, Ryne
Ashburn, Richie Evans, Dwight Lyons, Ted Santo, Ron
Bagwell, Jeff Ewing, Buck Magee, Sherry Schmidt, Mike
Baker, Home Run Faber, Red Mantle, Mickey Seaver, Tom
Bando, Sal Feller, Bob Marichal, Juan Simmons, Al
Banks, Ernie Finley, Chuck Martinez, Edgar Simmons, Ted
Bell, Buddy Fisk, Carlton Mathews, Eddie Sisler, George
Bench, Johnny Flick, Elmer Mathewson, Christy Smith, Ozzie
Berra, Yogi Ford, Whitey Mays, Willie Smith, Reggie
Blyleven, Bert Foxx, Jimmie McCormick, Jim Snider, Duke
Boggs, Wade Freehan, Bill McCovey, Willie Spahn, Warren
Bonds, Bobby Frisch, Frankie McGinnity, Joe Speaker, Tris
Boudreau, Lou Galvin, Pud McGraw, John Stargell, Willie
Boyer, Ken Gehrig, Lou McGwire, Mark Stieb, Dave
Bresnahan, Roger Gehringer, Charlie McPhee, Bid Stovey, Harry
Brett, George Gibson, Bob Medwick, Joe Sutton, Don
Brouthers, Dan Glasscock, Jack Minoso, Minnie Tanana, Frank
Brown, Kevin Gordon, Joe Mize, Johnny Tenace, Gene
Brown, Mordecai Gore, George Molitor, Paul Terry, Bill
Buffinton, Charlie Goslin, Goose Morgan, Joe Tiant, Luis
Bunning, Jim Gossage, Rich Munson, Thurman Torre, Joe
Burkett, Jesse Greenberg, Hank Murphy, Dale Trammell, Alan
Campanella, Roy Grich, Bobby Murray, Eddie Vance, Dazzy
Carew, Rod Grove, Lefty Musial, Stan Vaughan, Arky
Carlton, Steve Gwynn, Tony Nettles, Graig Ventura, Robin
Carter, Gary Hack, Stan Newhouser, Hal Waddell, Rube
Cedeno, Cesar Hamilton, Billy Nichols, Kid Wagner, Honus
Cey, Ron Hartnett, Gabby Niekro, Phil Walker, Larry
Childs, Cupid Heilmann, Harry Olerud, John Wallace, Bobby
Cicotte, Eddie Henderson, Rickey O'Rourke, Jim Walsh, Ed
Clark, Will Herman, Billy Ott, Mel Waner, Paul
Clarke, Fred Hernandez, Keith Palmeiro, Rafael Ward, Monte
Clarkson, John Hershiser, Orel Palmer, Jim Whitaker, Lou
Clemente, Roberto Hornsby, Rogers Perry, Gaylord White, Deacon
Cobb, Ty Hubbell, Carl Pierce, Billy Wilhelm, Hoyt
Cochrane, Mickey Jackson, Joe Plank, Eddie Williams, Ted
Collins, Eddie Jackson, Larry Porter, Darrell Willis, Vic
Collins, Jimmy Jackson, Reggie Radbourn, Charles Winfield, Dave
Cone, David Jenkins, Fergie Raines, Tim Wood, Wilbur
Connor, Roger Jennings, Hughie Randolph, Willie Wynn, Early
Coveleski, Stan John, Tommy Reese, Pee Wee Wynn, Jim
Crawford, Sam Johnson, Walter Reuschel, Rick Yastrzemski, Carl
Cronin, Joe Kaline, Al Ripken, Cal Young, Cy
Dahlen, Bill Keefe, Tim Roberts, Robin Yount, Robin
Davis, George Keeler, Willie Robinson, Brooks
Davis, Willie Kelley, Joe Robinson, Frank

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How many Hall of Famers and All-Stars have a given birthday?

16th February 2011

A commenter recently pointed out that the team of best players with a Valentine's Day birthday isn't very good.

I guess when we look up any particular day, we hope to find a few Hall of Fame players and a whole bunch of All-Star caliber players.

Here's a bit of a reality check, though.

The Hall of Fame has 295 members. That total includes 60 people who made it as a manager, pioneer, execute, or umpire, meaning there are only 235 Hall of Fame players. That works out to an average of just about 0.65 Hall of Famers per day, and since a few probably have the same birthday I'm guessing as many as 40% of the days of the year have no Hall of Famers born that day.

I made a rough approximation of the total number of All-Star appearances and it looks to be about 4,000. That's the total number of times any player made the All-Star team. It looks like there have been something like 1,300 different players elected to at least one All-Star game, meaning that the average number of All-Star game appearances per All-Star player is about 3.

With about 1,300 All-Star players, that's an average of about 3.5 such players per day.

What does this mean? A typical average birth day would have 0 or 1 Hall of Famers and 3 or 4 players with a total of about 10 All-Star appearances.

So, yeah, a date with no Hall of Famers and just 1 player with 1 All-Star appearance is definitely well below average.

What dates can you find that are above or below average?

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POLL: Andy Pettitte & the Hall of Fame

4th February 2011

Any minute now, Andy Pettitte will be officially announcing his retirement. About a year and a half ago, Pettitte was the subject of one of my very first Hall of Fame polls. Let's see if anything has changed.

Pettitte, originally drafted by the Yankees in 1990, finishes as a member of 5 championship teams (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009, all with the Yankees) and 3 other World Series teams (2001 and 2003 with the Yankees and 2005 with the Astros.)

He was a 3-time All-Star and had 5 top-6 finishes for the Cy Young award.

Pettitte was also named in the Mitchell Report and later admitted to using HGH. I'm still finding it very tough to assess how this sort of thing affects a guy's HOF chances. I tend to doubt that Pettitte used HGH for just the two times he admitted to, but on the other hand I believe that hundreds of other players are guilty of using banned substances but haven't been caught.

Anyway, let's take a look at some basic arguments for and against Pettitte going in the Hall of Fame.

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POLL: Trevor Hoffman and the Hall of Fame

12th January 2011

Trevor Hoffman announced his retirement yesterday.

He finishes as the all-time leader in saves and games finished as well as his run as the active leader in appearances as a pitcher.

Few people know that the Padres were actually Hoffman's third team. He was originally drafted by the Reds in 1989 (a few spots behind Kelly Stinnett in the year that Ben McDonald was taken first overall), and was then plucked off the vine by the Marlins in the 1992 expansion draft. In the middle of his first big league season, he was one of the youngsters shipped to the Padres in a trade that sent Gary Sheffield to Florida. Then, 16 years later, he signed with the Brewers as a free agent, spending his final 2 seasons in Milwaukee.

There is no doubt that Hoffman is one of the best closers of all time. The question of his candidacy for the Hall of Fame has, I think, more to do with how closers are valued overall.

Let's take a look at some of the numbers and have a vote.

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HOF Ballot Insanity

5th January 2011

Other authors may have their own take on the HOF voting just completed, but to me this is the craziest result of anything that happened.

Pitching Stats
Rk Votes ▾ %vote HOFm HOFs Yrs WAR W L ERA ERA+ WHIP SV IP SO
1 Lee Smith 263 45.3% 135 13 18 29.7 71 92 3.03 132 1.256 478 1289.1 1251
2 X-Kevin Brown 12 2.1% 93 41 19 64.0 211 144 3.28 127 1.222 0 3256.1 2397
3 X-John Franco 27 4.6% 124 11 21 25.5 90 87 2.89 138 1.333 424 1245.2 975
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 1/5/2011.

I just don't get it.

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Site Features: 2011 Hall of Fame Candidates

13th December 2010

For a baseball fan, the month of December means it's time for the winter meetings and debates about this year's candidates for the Hall of Fame. Sean already has you covered on the former, so let me show you some features we have regarding the latter:

Enjoy the features, and don't let the debates get too heated when someone calls your favorite player a "fringe candidate"...

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There’s an Hall of Fame Election Coming Up–Let us Know What you Think

1st December 2010

2011 Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee Candidates » Baseball-Reference Blog.

The link above gives you all of the candidates along with their credentials and a brief form that allows you to vote yea or nay on each candidate.  Give us your reasons here.

Out of


I voted for Simmons, John and Miller, though none of them are as good as Kevin Brown or John Olerud (or Buzz Arlett for that matter :P).

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