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Welcome 2009

Posted by Andy on January 19, 2009

I couldn't find too many major stat totals equaling exactly 2009.

Carlos Delgado has 2009 games played:

  Cnt Player            Year   G  From  To   Ages   PA    AB    R    H   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  IBB  SO  HBP  SH  SF GDP  SB   CS   BA   OBP   SLG   OPS  Positions Teams
    1 Carlos Delgado    2008 2009 1993 2008 21-36  8545  7189 1226 2010 476  17 469 1489 1097 186 1725 168   0  91 149   14   8  .280  .383  .546  .929 *3D/72    TOR-FLA-NYM 

And Gil Hodges had 2009 runs produced:

  Cnt Player            Year  RPd From  To   Ages   G    PA    AB    R    H   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  IBB  SO  HBP  SH  SF GDP  SB   CS   BA   OBP   SLG   OPS  Positions Teams
    1 Gil Hodges        1963 2009 1943 1963 19-39 2071  8104  7030 1105 1921 295  48 370 1274  943  31 1137  25  56  50 165   63  31  .273  .359  .487  .846 *3/275984 BRO-LAD-NYM 

But that's it!

As a teaser for next year, there are 3 different guys with exactly 2010 career hits:

  Cnt Player            Year   H  From  To   Ages   G    PA    AB    R   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  IBB  SO  HBP  SH  SF GDP  SB   CS   BA   OBP   SLG   OPS  Positions Teams
    1 Carlos Delgado    2008 2010 1993 2008 21-36 2009  8545  7189 1226 476  17 469 1489 1097 186 1725 168   0  91 149   14   8  .280  .383  .546  .929 *3D/72    TOR-FLA-NYM 
    2 Mark Grudzielanek 2008 2010 1995 2008 25-38 1772  7484  6942  936 391  36  90  629  356  24  944 104  40  42 170  131  52  .290  .332  .395  .727 *46/5D    MON-TOT-LAD-CHC-STL-KCR 
    3 Bobby Bonilla     2001 2010 1986 2001 23-38 2113  8255  7213 1084 408  61 287 1173  912 128 1204  28   5  97 169   45  57  .279  .358  .472  .830 5973/D81  TOT-PIT-NYM-TOT-BAL-FLA-NYM-ATL-STL 

Interestingly, Delgado is on that list too, but of course he'll fall off both lists once he plays one or more games this coming season.

12 Responses to “Welcome 2009”

  1. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    "Runs produced" is such a worthless stat. (I know, you were scrounging for something 🙂

    Grudzielanek is such a WTF player. I mean, 2000 hits is a hell of a career, and he's never seemed to be more than a stopgap middle infielder. One wouldn't think a player of his quality would last as long as he has, yet here he still is, as good as he's ever been.

  2. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Only 4 players have played at least 600 games at both SS and 2B. Grudzielanek needs almost 600 more hits to pass Julio Franco as the leader of that obscure fraternity.

  3. TheGoof Says:

    Actually, Grudzy isn't much of a stopgrap guy compared to many others. I figured that was an awfully low OPS+ for a guy who has been around so long. Not so. The top guy in games at 90 or under is no slouch. And he's joined by a batch of Hall of Famers and candidates for the Hall.

  4. TheGoof Says:

    Or another way to look at it. Seems Alfredo Griffin is the worst offensive player to stick around a long, long time. Obviously, his glove helped make up for it.

  5. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Yeah, I meant it seems like he's always been treated as a stopgap, though he has obviously been better than that. He's never been that highly regarded. Even when he came up, I don't recall him as a touted prospect. He was just helping to replace all the Expos who had been traded off in the mid-90s. He never really had a peak. You'd think someone having a career OPS+ of 90 would have a few individual seasons which were much better than that. One would expect a guy with the moderate prime of Grudzielanek to fade away before now, and I suppose that's what his teams have always thought as well. If anyone knew he'd stay such a solid player for so long, he would have gotten better contracts. He's never been considered part of the future, just the guy to keep you afloat a couple years until the future comes. It's to his credit he's been so consistent and remained a very useful player for so long.

    Was Griffin considered a good glove? I have a memory that he wasn't. He had some huge error totals (obviously that's not a great barometer by itself).

  6. Raphy Says:

    20-09 (SB-CS)
    Career: None

    20-09 (W-L)
    Career: Dick Hughes

  7. TheGoof Says:

    You know, I remember Griffin as being considered a superior fielder, but the stats don't show it, and he only won one Gold Glove. Bill James rates him as a B-. I wonder if he was good, but viewed in some quarters as great. I suspect, despite the stats, that he was a very valuable part of his teams, which often were good.

  8. Raphy Says:

    Pitchers since 2000 who have thrown 2009 strikes in a season:

  9. gerry Says:

    I am astonished that there is no one with exactly 2009 at-bats, or total bases.

  10. Andy Says:

    I was astonished too, Gerry, especially considering how many totals of exactly 2008 there were last year.

  11. whiz Says:

    Don Cardwell gave up 2009 hits.

  12. gerry Says:

    Pitchers! how could I forget to look at pitchers? Thanks, whiz; I am now able to note that Blaine Boyer has thrown exactly 2009 pitches in his major league career.