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S-R News: Super Bowl Squares App Now Available!

Posted by Neil Paine on February 2, 2011

Just in time for the big game, our Super Bowl Squares mobile app is now available at the iTunes store and the Android Marketplace.

If you're at a Super Bowl party this weekend and there's a game of squares set up, this app will tell you which squares have the best chance of winning based on game data from 1994-2010. Also, if you're new to the game, there's a page devoted to basic rules that will help you navigate your first SB squares experience. The app costs $0.99, but will pay for itself many times over if you win the pool.

For more information about its features, as well as links to posts about Super Bowl squares theory, click here.

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5 Responses to “S-R News: Super Bowl Squares App Now Available!”

  1. Every square games I've ever played had the numbers chosen at random only after they've all been purchased.

  2. @Zzyzx - I've been in some groups where after the numbers were chosen at random, people have traded/bought/sold squares to others.

  3. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    My own primitive app:

    Zero good.

    Two, eight and especially five bad.

  4. "Super Bowl Squares" ?

    "I'll try Too-Tall Jones for the block, Peter."

  5. Hi, current blog subscriber here. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog posts. Go Packers!