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Get Paid to Test Sports Reference Websites

Posted by Sean Forman on February 1, 2011

Who: Baseball fans who often use the internet on their smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc).

Where: Sports Reference LLC World HQ in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

When: For one hour sometime between Feb. 9th-18th.

What: Testing a new Sports Reference product.

Why: We'll pay you $50 for your time and throw in a t-shirt.

How: Fill out the form below. We are looking for 3-5 testers, so we may not be able to use everyone. Please remember testing will be done in Philadelphia alone.

Thank you for the response. We've filled our quota and will be contacting potential testers. Even if we don't use you now we may contact you for future tests. Thanks.

Please note that you will need to bring your own phone to use for the test and will be responsible for any usage charges (which should be minimal as wifi is available).

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12 Responses to “Get Paid to Test Sports Reference Websites”

  1. Wait wait wait -

    Baseball-Reference t-shirt? Such a thing exists? How does one procure such an item, even if one is not a smart phone owner?

  2. Agreed Dr. Where are these, and how do we get one?

  3. We sold about 30 in the first year, so now I just have them sitting around.

    The blues are mostly gone.

  4. Cool. What would the order info be, and how much are they?

  5. Nice Wid Conroy shirt, I like all players from the 1901 Milwaukee Brewers.

  6. I want a t-shirt too!

  7. Yep, you could sell these shirts, if you were so inclined, to people like me.

    (I'm probably here more than anywhere in the brick and mortar world.)

  8. I couldn't agree more... I signed up just to get one. $50 would be great and all.... but wearing a shirt to Phillies/Orioles games this year would be worth more to me then that....

  9. Sean Forman Says:

    We probably could sell them, but unfortunately, I'm probably better off spending my time on designing a new mobile site than hawking t-shirts, handling payments, returns, etc. Maybe as the company grows we can go that route again.

  10. Signed up, I'm about an hour south of the Mt. Airy area, and am up in the Lancaster area pretty frequently.

  11. [...] great Sports Reference Head Honcho Sean Forman has put out a bulletin looking for subjects to test the new Sports Reference sites. For only one hour of your time between [...]

  12. Man, quick response, I'm just across Lincoln Drive, and teach in the area every week, sad I missed out on the chance to help.