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Posted by Andy on December 26, 2010




Those of you up in the northeast part of the U.S.--stay safe and warm!

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21 Responses to “Snow”

  1. Thanks! Though how warm can I stay when I need to go outside and shovel? My village gives tickets for not shoveling sidewalks within 2 hours of the end of the snow. And just when you finish digging out your driveway, the snowplow puts it all back in again. When is pitchers and catchers?

  2. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Thanks, but here in western Ohio, snow, ice and all are just one more inconvenience. The last Ice Age didn't even make the front page of the Dayton Daily News.

  3. Didn't get a lot of snow, but there's enough wind to turn a popup into a cheap HR!

  4. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    I moved to the D.C. area over four years ago, and it is just _PITIFUL_ how the local population panics whenever there's more than an inch of snowfall; they usually shut everything down, sending kids home from school, have saturation weather coverage on TV, big newspaper headlines, etc...

    They called the two big storms last Febuary (admittedly pretty bad, but not much worse than several normal storms in New England, where I came from) "The Blizzard of the Century" - gimme a freakin' break.!! President Obama caught some flak for joking about how what would close D.C. down, his kids would go out in Chicago and play in during recess - he's RIGHT.

    Also - as far as sports coverage goes, it's nauseating how the Redskins are usually the #1 story (usually even out-of-season) and every other sports story is #2, or doesn't even exist...

  5. Somewhere in the mid 90s I remember the Colorado Rockies had a game snowed out in mid to late August. I'm not sure if my memory is correct on this. Wondered if anyone could confirm this?

  6. I'm a New England native and still have quite a few relatives there. I've lived in the Phoenix area for 20 years now and I still get quite a bit of satisfaction from gloating whenever there's a storm.

    Christmas Day here was 72 degrees.

    Can't shovel sunshine.

  7. What about Dave Frost, who pitched for the Angels?

  8. Lawrence-

    I was in DC last year as well after 5 years in Boston and the other 20 in the NY/NJ area. It was a pretty remarkable snowfall and, for DC, was historic, but did not justify the panic and the poor handling.

    My favorite is how people rush to the food stores and buy gallons upon gallons of milk, pounds of flour, dozens of eggs, and multiple loaves of bread. How much French Toast can one family eat? That always boggled my mind.

    It's snow people... deal wit it!

    (Then again, I'm a school teacher, so it has an entirely different meaning for me...)

  9. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    #8/.. BSK Says: "Lawrence- ...My favorite is how people rush to the food stores and buy gallons upon gallons of milk, pounds of flour, dozens of eggs, and multiple loaves of bread. How much French Toast can one family eat? That always boggled my mind..."

    Yes, they do that in Eastern MA also, since the "Blizzard of '78"; one of the staples of the TV coverage of big winter storms there was (is?) the "look at the half-empty grocery shelves" shot, as well as the shot of poor Shelby Scott outside, all bundled up and standing in the middle of a terrible snowstorm (I think she retired nearly a decade ago...).

    BTW, they canceled public schools in the DC area THE ENTIRE WEEK last February...

  10. if you live on the left coast, tim raines?

  11. DoubleDiamond Says:

    @4 - And of course J.T. Snow.

    Here in Philadelphia, we have our first-ever snowed-out NFL game. Does the NFL equivalent of this web site have a blog with trivia like this? Because if it does, I need to get word to someone that the Vikings are likely on the verge of playing a regular season game on the 6th different day of the week. I don't know if any other teams have ever played regular season games on that many different days.

    The Vikings and Redskins played a regular season game on New Year's Eve, 1993 in RFK Stadium (won by Minnesota). Like this year, New Year's Eve was a Friday that year. That is still the only regular season Friday NFL game that I know of. The same two teams played a Thursday night game on November 29, 1984 (with Washington winning). Of course, the Vikings have played hundreds of Sunday games, and they've probably had their share of regularly-scheduled Monday night games. They've had at least two rescheduled Monday night games, also. One came two weeks ago due to another weather postponement, and the other came during either October 1987 or October 1991 when a Twins World Series game forced a rescheduling, since the two teams played in the same stadium back then.

    I don't know of any specific Vikings game played on a Saturday, but since they have had several periods of being a contending team, it's quite likely they have been scheduled for one of the late season games played on that day of the week over the years.

    And now, what are likely the two most famous postponements in the history of Philadelphia pro sports have occurred in weeks that started with a Sunday the 26th - in October 2008 and December 2010. And the post-Wisconsin teams of look-alikes Geoff Jenkins and Brett Favre were involved in both games.

  12. dukeofflatbush Says:

    Jack Frost
    Dave Frost
    J.T. Snow
    Jake Freeze
    Icehouse Wilson
    George Winter
    Robert Cold

  13. rico petrocelli Says:

    You forgot

    Demarlo hale

    David weathers

    Roy white

    And 'the perfecr storm' carl crawford

  14. rico petrocelli Says:


    David freese

    Chilly davis

    And ice-k matsusake

  15. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Mike {#6)

    I recall that as well. I believe that it happened in '95 -- right after I had moved from Littleton {A Denver suburb} to beautiful western Ohio {where we are right now innundated with the white stuff}

  16. RE: 12

    There have been a number of Friday NFL and AFL (1960-69 version) games.

    (home team in CAPS)
    11/11/27- Yankees 19, MAROONS 12
    9/18/31- BEARS 21, Indians 0
    10/2/31- Dodgers 20, YELLOW JACKETS 0
    9/13/35- Pirates 17, EAGLES 7
    9/20/35- LIONS 35, Eagles 0
    9/10/37- Dodgers 13, EAGLES 7
    9/10/37- Lions 28, RAMS 0
    9/24/37- Cardinals 21, REDSKINS 14
    9/9/38- LIONS 16, Pirates 7
    9/16/38- Eagles 27, PIRATES 7 (game played in Buffalo)
    9/23/38- Pirates 17, DODGERS 3
    9/15/39- BEARS 30, Rams 21
    10/4/40- DODGERS 30, Eagles 17
    9/20/46- STEELERS 14, Cardinals 7
    9/17/48- Packers 37, YANKS 0
    9/24/48- CARDINALS 21, Eagles 14
    9/23/49- RAMS 27, Lions 24
    9/30/49- Giants 38, BULLDOGS 14
    10/7/49- Packers 19, BULLDOGS 0
    9/22/50- RAMS 45, Yanks 28
    9/29/50- YANKS 44, Lions 21
    9/28/51- RAMS 54, Yanks 14 (Norm Van Brocklin passed for 554 yards)
    10/3/52- Lions 17, RAMS 14
    10/2/53- Redskins 21, EAGLES 21
    9/9/60- Broncos 13, PATRIOTS 10
    9/16/60- Texans 34, RAIDERS 16
    9/23/60- Bills 13, PATRIOTS 0
    9/23/60- TITANS 28, Broncos 24
    9/23/60- Cardinals 43, RAMS 21
    9/30/60- Eagles 27, COWBOYS 25
    10/28/60- Chargers 45, PATRIOTS 16
    10/28/60- Raiders 28, TITANS 27
    11/4/60- PATRIOTS 34, Raiders 28
    11/4/60- Chargers 21, TITANS 7
    11/11/60- PATRIOTS 38, Titans 21
    11/18/60- PATRIOTS 42, Texans 14
    11/25/60- Oilers 24, PATRIOTS 10
    10/13/61- Oilers 31, PATRIOTS 31
    11/3/61- PATRIOTS 28, Texans 21
    11/17/61- PATRIOTS 20, Raiders 17
    9/7/62- BRONCOS 30, Chargers 21
    9/21/62- PATRIOTS 41, Broncos 16
    10/5/62- BRONCOS 44, Raiders 7
    10/12/62- Texans 27, PATRIOTS 7
    10/19/62- PATRIOTS 24, Chargers 20
    10/26/62- PATRIOTS 26, Raiders 16
    11/23/62- PATRIOTS 21, Bills 10
    11/30/62- PATRIOTS 24, Titans 17
    10/11/63- PATRIOTS 20, Raiders 14
    10/18/63- PATRIOTS 40, Broncos 21
    11/1/63- PATRIOTS 45, OIlers 3
    11/8/63- Raiders 22, CHIEFS 7
    9/25/64- GIANTS 13, Redskins 10
    10/9/64- Chargers 26, PATRIOTS 17
    10/16/64- Raiders 43, PATRIOTS 43
    10/23/64- PATRIOTS 24, Chiefs 7
    11/6/64- PATRIOTS 25, Oilers 24
    11/20/64- PATRIOTS 12, Broncos 7
    9/24/65- Broncos 27, PATRIOTS 10
    10/8/65- Raiders 24, PATRIOTS 10
    9/2/66- Raiders 23, DOLPHINS 14
    9/9/66- Jets 19, DOLPHINS 14
    9/16/66- RAMS 31, Bears 17
    9/30/66- RAMS 34, 49ers 3
    9/22/67- RAMS 39, Vikings 3
    9/6/68- CHARGERS 29, Bengals 13
    9/18/70- RAMS 34, Cardinals 13
    12/16/83- DOLPHINS 34, Jets 14
    12/14/84- 49ERS 19, Rams 16
    12/20/85- Broncos 27, SEAHAWKS 24
    12/19/86- 49ERS 24, Rams 14
    12/31/93- Vikings 14, REDSKINS 9
    12/24/99- SAINTS 31, Cowboys 24
    12/24/04- Packers 34, VIKINGS 31
    10/21/05- Chiefs 30, DOLPHINS 20
    12/25/09- Chargers 42, TITANS 17

  17. DoubleDiamond Says:

    @17 While discussing this at work today with a Vikings fan, he mentioned that when Christmas has fallen on a Friday, there has sometimes been a game. And I see that this did indeed happen last year. And twice when Christmas Eve was a Friday, including one game involving the Vikings.

  18. Re: Rockies snowed out in August --
    I haven't found a record of that yet, but I did find a note about a September game cancelled due to snow -- Sept. 13, 1993:

  19. I'm late to the party, but anyway....

    BTW, two interesting notes on Alex Burr:
    (1) He's one of those players who got into a game but did not come to bat, handle a chance in the field, or leave any other trace in the box score.
    (2) He was killed in action in WWI in Cazaux, France; his B-R page adds, "Plane crashed into lake; body not recovered."

  20. May all the incompetant umpires die in the snowstorms so they will never be seen at the playground ever again.