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Injuries of the Year, by Jayson Stark

Posted by Andy on December 25, 2010

ESPN's Jayson Stark has a cool report on some of the most interesting and bizarre injuries that happened this past season, and he didn't even mention how Adrian Beltre wiped out two different Red Sox left fielders in collisions that resulted in rib injuries.

2 Responses to “Injuries of the Year, by Jayson Stark”

  1. Glenn Beck Says:

    Jayson Stark is the reason I don't watch ESPN. He is such a homer, but it's funny that he didn't mention Chipper Jones hurting his leg on what was his best play of the season.

  2. Sean Curtis Says:

    Not a single Red Sox injury---and their season was hijacked by them. They were arguably the best team in MLB on July 1st... then soon after they were done.

    How did Beckett get hurt... sleeping? Then he exacerbated the injury swinging a bat.

    Adrian Beltre taking out Boston LFers left and right.

    Youkilis. Pedroia. Red Sox BACKUPS were getting injured. They were like on their 6th OFer at one point getting significant starts.